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Greeting, Seating, Presenting Menu to Guest at Restaurant

Greet the guest according to time of day:

Good (evening), madam. Good (evening), sir. A table for (4)?

Do you have a table reservation?

No reservation:

  • That’s all right. May I have your name, please?

  • Would you prefer the smoking or non-smoking area, (Mr. David)

  • This way please. (Take the guest to a table. Converse with the guests as you walk.)

  • Is this table fine?

  • Allow me (when pulling back a chair for the guest or when presenting a napkin).

Has a reservation:

  • May I have your name, please? (How do you spell that, please?)

  • This way please, Mr David. (Escort the guest to their table. Converse with them as you walk.)

  • Allow me, Mr. David (when pulling back a chair for the guest or when presenting a napkin).

Note: Handling Table Reservation Problems

In restaurants, all guests should be welcomed at the entrance within 1 minute of arrival; guests are greeted warmly with good eye-contact.

Guests are escorted and seated within 2 minute of their arrival, if seats are available; menus and wine lists (where applicable) are presented immediately at all meal periods.

Presenting the menu

Here’s your menu Sir / Mr. David

Today we have a special set menu / Chef's Special

May I recommend the Chef's Special 

We also have a delicious buffet for you today.

This is our special (breakfast / afternoon tea) menu.

I’ll come back in a few minutes to take your order.

At lunch, menus are presented immediately upon being seated.

Menus cards should be free of dirt, stains and worn edges.

At dinner once guest is seated and settled guests are asked if they would like an aperitif before being presented with the wine list and menu.

Table settings should adjusted to the number of guests at the table.