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Uses Of Medium Duty Equipment In The Hotel Kitchen

Uses Of Medium Duty Equipment In The Hotel Kitchen


Medium duty equipment is a necessary piece of hotel kitchen infrastructure. It is the backbone of the work that needs to be done in a kitchen. In this post, we will look at what medium duty equipment means and how it can help you.

Types of medium duty equipment:

The most common types of medium duty equipment can be broken down into three categories: Small cooking appliances, large cookers and grills, food prep equipment We will look at each in more detail.

1. Small cooking appliances

A list of small cooking appliances includes: hotplates, toaster, kettle, and slow cooker The types of food cooked in these appliances can include any combination of: fries, toasties, panini's, curries, soups, pasta dishes.

2. Large cookers and grills

A list of large cooking appliances includes: large grill, kamado , barbecue pit, rotisserie, pizza oven and deep fryer. Food cooked in these appliances can include any combination of burgers, sausages, chicken, fish and kebabs.

3. Food prep equipment

A list of food preparation equipment includes: immersion blender, blender, juicer and food processor. 

The benefits of using medium duty equipment in the kitchen:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity.

  • Decreased wastage.

  • Increase in quality of food produced.

  • Improved hygiene and sanitation.

How does medium duty equipment help hotel kitchens?

Medium duty equipment is used in every stage of food preparation in the hotel kitchen. These include: mise en place, plating and garnishing. The benefits of using high-quality equipment in the kitchen Increased efficiency and productivity.

Decrease wastage, Increase in quality of food produced, Improved hygiene and sanitation. Medium duty equipment is used in hotel kitchens to cook, bake, grill and roast meat. As such there are a variety of different appliances that can be used for these types of tasks.

Immersion blenders, juicers and processors are all suitable for preparing smoothies, dips and sauces. Food processors are used to chop, slice and shred produce. Blenders are used to grind, puree and make smoothies.

How to choose the right medium duty equipment:

There are many considerations that should be taken into account when purchasing a medium duty appliance from a supplier. These include price, specification of the appliance, warranty and whether or not it is a commercial grade appliance.

Consider your needs and budget. The selection of medium duty equipment will depend on the amount of space you have available for storing and transporting your food. If you have a small kitchen, then an electric mixer may be just what you need to help you prepare food.

Conclusion: Hotel kitchens would be lost without medium duty equipment. These appliances are an essential part of the hotel kitchen. Without them there would be no way of preparing food in a timely manner. There is also a variety of different appliances that can be used for these tasks.

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