Swimming Pool Attendant Job Description

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Job Description, Duties, Interview Questions and Salary for Hotel Pool Deck Attendant

As a hotel swimming pool attendant, your primary responsibility is to ensure the safety and enjoyment of hotel guests who use the pool. This involves monitoring the pool area, enforcing safety rules, and providing assistance to guests as needed.

One of the most important aspects of your job is to maintain a clean and hygienic pool environment. You will need to test the pool water regularly to ensure that it is safe for swimming and add chemicals as necessary to maintain the proper balance. You will also need to clean the pool area, including the pool deck, lounge chairs, and other pool accessories.

In addition to your pool maintenance duties, you will also be responsible for providing excellent customer service to hotel guests. This may involve answering questions about the pool or hotel amenities, providing towels or other supplies, and assisting with any issues that arise.

To be successful in this role, you should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, as well as a strong attention to detail. You should also be comfortable working outdoors in all types of weather, and be able to lift heavy objects such as pool covers and furniture.

Overall, the role of a hotel swimming pool attendant is a crucial one, as it helps to ensure that hotel guests have a safe and enjoyable experience during their stay.

Performs guest safety and recreational work supervising, swimming, and enforcing regulations at a hotel pool as well as providing for the guest’s comfort. An essential responsibility of this role includes ensuring cleanliness, setting up, and safety of all areas and facilities and attending to all guests’ needs within the hotel pool area as per the safety guidelines of the hotel’s management.


  • Observe and patrol the pool and enforce safety regulations.
  •  Assists swimmers from water when in danger.
  •  Provide excellent service consistent with the hotel’s standards operating procedures and brand attributes.
  •  Greet all guests upon arrival, distribute towels, offer assistance with seating, deliver consistent guest service, exceed guest expectations, and provide all other supporting services.
  •  Knowledgeable of pool facilities such as length and depth of all pools, how many laps it takes to complete a mile in meters and feet etc.
  •  Poolside Bar hours of operation, location of facilities, and emergency procedure for rescue.
  •  Knowledgeable of hotel facilities and services to answer guest inquiries.
  •  Willing to take ownership of all guest requests and complaints, try to resolve issues immediately, and follow up to ensure the guest’s satisfaction.
  •  Identify and report defects throughout the pool and spa area, and notify supervisors and concerned departments immediately of hazards, injuries, equipment, or processes that negatively affect the operations.
  •  Ensure swimming pools and the complete health club area are clean at any time and report any maintenance issues to the engineering department.
  •  Ensure the pool deck is swept and watered down and that all furniture is in the correct place when setting up in the morning.
  •  Knowledge of the principles and practices of resuscitation, first aid, and CPR/PR techniques.
  •  Knowledge of safety hazards and necessary safety precautions sufficient to be able to establish a safe work environment for oneself and others.
  •  Knowledge of swimming pool equipment sufficient to be able to perform minor maintenance work on the equipment.
  •  Responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the pool deck and facilities including straightening and stacking chairs, collecting soiled towels and trash, moving chairs, and towels, replacing flags, and cleaning signs.
  •  Facilitate and maintain consistent pool safety programs, training, and documentation to ensure the overall safety of guests in the pool area.
  •  Work closely with other departments that are essential to ensuring a positive guest experience.
  •  Properly utilize performance feedback, recognition, training, and adherence to company policies, and legal requirements.

POSITION TITLE: Swimming Pool Attendant

REPORTS TO: Spa Manager / Front Office Manager / Manager on Duty


Must have a good understanding of the English language. CPR and First Aide Certified is an added advantage. Excellent customer service skills. Ready to work varied shifts during Weekdays, weekends, and holidays.


High School diploma or equivalent. Basic Computer knowledge 


Previous experience working as a Pool Guest Attendant or Lifeguard in star hotels.

Interview Questions for a Swimming Pool Attendant Position:

Interviewing candidates for a swimming pool attendant position involves assessing their relevant skills, experience, and customer service abilities. Here are some interview questions you might consider:

  1. Can you describe your experience with pool maintenance and water testing?
    • This question helps evaluate the candidate’s technical knowledge related to pool maintenance and ensuring water quality.
  2. How do you ensure the safety of swimmers in the pool?
    • This question assesses the candidate’s understanding of safety protocols and their ability to enforce rules to prevent accidents.
  3. How do you handle challenging or disruptive behaviour at the pool?
    • This question evaluates the candidate’s interpersonal skills and ability to manage conflicts effectively.
  4. What steps would you take in case of a pool emergency or accident?
    • Assessing the candidate’s knowledge of emergency procedures and their ability to stay calm and act promptly is crucial.
  5. How do you communicate pool rules and regulations to patrons?
    • This question assesses the candidate’s communication skills and their ability to educate patrons about safety and pool etiquette.
  6. What equipment or tools are you familiar with for pool maintenance?
    • Evaluate the candidate’s technical knowledge and experience with pool-related equipment.
  7. How do you stay updated on the latest trends and regulations in pool maintenance and safety?
    • Assess the candidate’s commitment to ongoing learning and staying informed about industry best practices.
  8. Can you provide an example of a time when you had to handle a challenging situation with a pool guest?
    • This is a behavioural question that allows the candidate to demonstrate their problem-solving and customer service skills.
  9. What do you believe are the most important qualities for a swimming pool attendant to possess?
    • This question allows the candidate to express their understanding of the role and the qualities they think are essential for success.
  10. How do you maintain a clean and inviting pool environment for patrons?
    • Assess the candidate’s commitment to cleanliness and their understanding of the importance of a welcoming pool environment.

Salary for a Swimming Pool Attendant:

The salary for a swimming pool attendant can vary based on factors such as location, experience, and the specific responsibilities of the role. As of January 2024, the average annual salary for a pool attendant in the United States ranged from $20,000 to $30,000. However, salaries can be higher in areas with a higher cost of living.

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