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Job Description for Mini Bar Attendant

JOB Title: Mini Bar Attendant

REPORTS TO: Room Service Manager / Executive Housekeeper


Provide guests with a fully-stocked and well-maintained mini-bar on a consistent basis throughout their stay. Stock the mini-bar cart with the necessary items in order to maintain the par level on a daily basis.

Clean and defrost the mini-bars regularly and consistently. Maintain a fully stocked inventory of all mini-bar items.  If par level is low, order the necessary items from the storeroom. Inventory all guest mini-bars on a daily basis and post the appropriate charges to the room prior to guest departure.


  1. Raising of checks and maintaining Mini bar Register.

  2. Authorized to enter in all guest rooms pertaining to Mini bar at any given point of time.

  3. Stock and replace missing items, inspect, move and clean the mini-bars in accordance with departmental procedures and policies.

  4. Maintain, track and complete daily worksheet of mini bar stock.

  5. Responsible for replenishment of Mini bar items in rooms.

  6. Responsible for maintaining the Mini bar Pantry in terms of par stock, stacking and cleanliness.

  7. Ensure products in Mini-Bar are not expired and take the proper procedure to remove those products as necessary.

  8. Maintain assigned Mini-Bar carts.

  9. Raise store requisition and obtain stock from warehouse and store in the assigned storerooms.

  10. Maintain and complete assigned floors and rooms requesting Mini-Bar service.

  11. Maintain the highest level of customer service and display professionalism at all times.

  12. Follows all required safety and standard operating procedures.

  13. Ensure rotation of all mini-bar products.

  14. Properly complete, maintain and track inventory in assigned storerooms.

  15. Communicate effectively with Mini-Bar Vending Supervisor any issues and/or concerns.

  16. Ensure all duties found in the refreshment center inspection/attendant evaluation checklist are followed including completing assigned floors, cleanliness of assigned mini-bars, menus are present, inventory is complete, and refill reports are accurately filled out.
  17. Display appropriate two-way radio etiquette at all times.

  18. Report all mini-bar concerns to management including any guest issues.

  19. Perform any other duties deemed necessary for the success of the department.

  20. Perform other job related duties as assigned.

  21. Knowledge of Point of sale ( POS ) systems, Handheld POS, inventory and store requisition software and reporting tools.

  22. Previous experience in hotel industry.


Ability to work well under pressure in a fast paced environment.

Ability to work cohesively with fellow Colleagues without constant supervision.


High schooling or one years Diploma in hotel Management or equivalent.


Previous experience in similar Job role.

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