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Duties and Job Description For Lifestyle Manager / Supervisor

Job Description For Lifestyle Manager / Supervisor


REPORTS TO: Food & Beverage Manager or Sales and Marketing Director


The Lifestyle Supervisor is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the lifestyle department. This includes managing staff, scheduling, and budgeting. The Lifestyle Supervisor also works closely with other departments to ensure that all events and activities are running smoothly.


  • Holding corporate events such as annual banquets or recognition ceremonies.

  • Presenting training programs to both new and attractive employees, handling hiring, scheduling, appraising performances, and providing feedback. 

  • The development of wellness programs such as smoking cessation programs and weight loss clubs. 

  • Oversee departmental budgets and manage departmental spending. 

  • Work closely with other departments to ensure smooth operation of events and activities

  • Prospect clients and understand their needs

  • Build and maintain relationships with clients

  • Budget and allocate resources efficiently to get the most out of outcomes.

  • Coordinating and managing employee activities such as company picnics, charity fund raising events, and sporting events.

  • Promote the development of programs designed to enhance employee satisfaction and retention.

  • Developing and implementing workplace policies and procedures according to company guidelines

  • Protecting the workplace environment by requiring appropriate equipment and facilities maintenance.

  • To ensure candidates are appropriate for the culture of the firm, I'm involved in the process of selecting candidates.

  • Coordinating employee benefits, such as health insurance, and paid time off policies.



  • Strong organisational and leadership skills

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

  • Accomplished ability to manage business objectives

  • Understanding of the sales process

  • Optimistic about managing a book of business and working with high net worth individuals

  • Graduated from university with a bachelor degree.


Experience working in event planning or a similar field is an advantage