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Job Description, Duties, Interview Questions and Salary for Hotel Storekeeper

The position of Hotel Storekeeper is an important one in the hospitality industry. The Storekeeper is responsible for the upkeep and management of the hotel’s inventory and stock, ensuring that all necessary items are available when needed. This involves coordinating with various departments within the hotel, including housekeeping, food and beverage, and maintenance, to ensure that all supplies are in stock and readily available.

The ideal candidate for this position should have excellent organizational skills, as well as the ability to multitask and work well under pressure. Attention to detail is a must, as the Storekeeper must keep accurate records of all inventory and stock, and be able to identify when supplies are running low and need to be replenished.

They also verify that all supplies and goods received are listed on requisitions/orders and that the delivery challans and invoices are checked and filed in the appropriate folder. Maintains par stock, inventory, and stock records every month and compiles records of expenditures/consumptions, etc.

Hotel Storekeeper Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Receive and forward all goods and deliveries in and out of the hotel to the correct point of contact/storage area.
  2. Able to follow standards for issuing and receiving stock within the store’s area of operation.
  3. Monitor and take inventory regularly to compile orders based on par levels or needs.
  4. Maintain clear and organized records to ensure all reports and invoices are filed and stored properly.
  5. Monitor PAR levels for all food items to ensure proper levels.
  6. Responsible for storage of both food & beverage and operational stock.
  7. Responsible for the day-to-day check on the storage facilities for upkeep and hygiene.
  8. Responsible for verifying all goods arrived as per the agreed purchase, delivery note, and agreed quantity had been received.
  9. Refuse acceptance of damaged, unacceptable, or incorrect items.
  10. Ensure cleanliness of all areas, keeping storage areas clean & tidy and in strict compliance with hygiene regulations.
  11. Ensure all store requisitions are signed by concerned Department Heads (HODs) and approved by FC/GM depending upon the hotel’s operations procedure.
  12. Ensure the quantity requested and the quantity issued always match.
  13. Ensure the store requisition form is signed by the person collecting the goods and entered into the Inventory/Materials Management System.
  14. Post all invoices using the MMS – Material Management System.
  15. Conduct inventory audits to determine inventory levels and needs.
  16. Conduct physical stock audits regularly as advised by the Financial Controller (FC) and the physical count is to be tallied with the inventory count from the MMS – Material Management System.
  17. Any differences between the manual count and MMS software have to be investigated and the information to be given to the Finance Department.
  18. Assist the Accounts Payable Clerk / Payable assistant in finding out any cost discrepancies.
  19. Complete requisition forms for inventory and supplies.
  20. Extend all requisitions daily and update the inventory management software/system.
  21. Work closely with Purchasing to order and receive items and equipment.
  22. Troubleshoot any vendor delivery issues and oversee/follow up on the return process.
  23. Follow up on documentation of after-hours issues ensuring it is by established internal controls and procedures.
  24. Adhere to all Health and Safety procedures particularly relating to food and beverage items.
  25. Ensure uniform and personal appearance are clean and professional.
  26. Speak with others using clear and professional language.
  27. Keep accurate recordings of all incoming and outgoing goods.
  28. Notify the store manager/supervisor of any low stock levels.
  29. Identify and report any slow-moving items to avoid over-purchasing.
  30. Verify and track received inventory and complete inventory reports and logs.
  31. Perform any other duties as assigned by the management or supervisors.


  • Positive attitude and good communication skills.
  • Flexibility to respond to a range of different work situations.
  • Ability to work on your own or as part of a team.
  • Have a good eye for detail.
  • Familiar with Materials Management system (MMS).
  • Familiar with Inventory Management Software.
  • Must have basic computer skills for the day-to-day operation.

Position Title: Storekeeper / Store Attendant

Reports To: Purchase Manager / Store Manager


Relevant diploma or degree in Management/Finance or related business discipline. Able to work with MS Office suite.


Previous store management experience with stock control responsibility. Experience of at least two years in a similar position in the full-service hotel or hospitality industry.

In addition to managing inventory, the Storekeeper may also be responsible for overseeing the hotel’s receiving and storage areas, ensuring that all deliveries are properly received, inspected, and stored in accordance with hotel policies and procedures. The Storekeeper may also be required to handle any issues or concerns related to inventory or stock, and work with vendors and suppliers to resolve any problems that may arise.

Overall, the Hotel Storekeeper plays a vital role in the smooth operation of a hotel, and requires a dedicated and detail-oriented individual to excel in the position.

Interview Questions for a Hotel Storekeeper Position:

  1. Can you describe your experience in storekeeping, particularly in a hotel or hospitality setting?
    • This question assesses the candidate’s relevant experience and familiarity with storekeeping in the hotel industry.
  2. How do you ensure accurate inventory levels and efficient management of supplies, considering the diverse needs of different hotel departments?
    • Evaluates the candidate’s knowledge of inventory management and their ability to cater to various hotel departments.
  3. Can you share an example of a successful initiative you implemented to optimize storage space, reduce waste, or improve overall efficiency in a hotel’s storekeeping operations?
    • This behavioral question assesses the candidate’s practical experience and ability to drive improvements in a hotel context.
  4. How do you handle receiving and issuing goods for different hotel departments, including verification of quantities, quality checks, and adherence to procurement procedures?
    • Assesses the candidate’s attention to detail and adherence to procedures in the hotel environment.
  5. Have you collaborated with other hotel departments, such as procurement, kitchen, and housekeeping, to coordinate inventory needs and ensure timely availability of goods?
    • This question evaluates the candidate’s teamwork and communication skills specific to a hotel setting.
  6. What measures do you take to maintain a well-organized and clean storage area, and how do you ensure compliance with safety and hygiene standards, especially in a hotel context?
    • Assesses the candidate’s commitment to maintaining a safe and organized environment, considering hotel standards.
  7. How do you handle discrepancies in inventory records or issues related to damaged or expired goods, and what steps do you take to rectify such situations in a hotel setting?
    • This question assesses the candidate’s problem-solving skills and ability to address issues promptly within a hotel’s operational context.
  8. What software tools or technology have you used for hotel storekeeping tasks, such as tracking inventory, generating reports, or streamlining the procurement process?
    • Knowledge of relevant software is important. This question helps gauge the candidate’s technical proficiency, especially in hotel-specific tools.

Salary for a Hotel Storekeeper Position:

The salary for a Hotel Storekeeper can vary based on factors such as location, the size and prestige of the hotel, and the candidate’s level of experience. As of January 2024, the average salary for a Hotel Storekeeper in the United States ranged from $35,000 to $50,000 annually.

It’s important to note that salary ranges can change, and it’s advisable to research current salary trends using industry reports, salary surveys, and job boards specific to your region and the hospitality sector. Additionally, consulting with local HR professionals or recruitment agencies can provide insights into the current compensation landscape for Hotel Storekeeper positions.

The storekeeper in the hotel has the main responsibility to receive, store, and issue supplies and equipment for the day-to-day hotel operations. Work closely with the purchasing department, ensure cleanliness of all work areas, and keep storage and receiving areas clean and tidy at all times.
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