23 Commonly Neglected Cleaning Areas in Hotel Guest Rooms

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Commonly Neglected Cleaning Areas in Hotel Guest Rooms

When it comes to hotel guest rooms, there are certain areas that tend to get more attention when it comes to cleaning. However, there are also some commonly neglected areas that could use a little extra attention to ensure a clean and comfortable stay for guests.

One area that is often overlooked is the remote control. This is something that is touched by multiple people and rarely gets disinfected. Another area is the light switches. These are frequently touched throughout the day and can harbor germs and bacteria.

Another commonly neglected area is the top of the headboard. This is an area that is often out of sight and out of mind, but can collect dust and debris over time. Additionally, the area beneath the bed is often neglected. This can collect dust, debris, and even lost items.

By paying a little extra attention to these commonly neglected areas during the cleaning process, hotels can ensure a more thorough and hygienic stay for their guests.

There are different inspection methods and checklists used for the thorough inspection of guestrooms so that certain areas and aspects that tend to be neglected while cleaning and inspection are particularly checked by the housekeeping floor supervisors.

Most of the hotels have separate checklists for such neglected areas and some incorporate these areas into their routine room inspection checklists. Such checklists have easy-to-remember names like Room Inspection or the Dirty Dozens Checklist.

Below is the list of most neglected areas in guestrooms while cleaning:

  1. The area between the bed and the nightstand, where food particles, dirt, and debris may accumulate since this area is usually hidden by the bedspread.
  2.  The interiors of drawers and wardrobes, where dust may accumulate in the crevices.
  3.  The surface below all lamps and other accessories is kept on the table, where dust accumulates because they tend to be overlooked.
  4.  The tops of all picture frames hung on walls, which tend to gather dust as they are not easily visible.
  5.  The top of all speakers are fixed for the home theatre systems.
  6.  Telephone mouthpiece and earpiece accumulate dirt if not cleaned regularly. 
  7.  The top edges and backs of doors, which if not cleaned regularly may collect a lot of dust.
  8.  The diffuser grilles of radiators or air-conditioners can collect stubborn dirt.
  9.  Room Ceilings may have cobwebs if not attended to or cleaned daily.
  10.  The carpet area behind free-standing furniture that is near but not against the wall, such as a wooden TV stand, luggage rack, or credenza stands to one side.
  11.  Pillows and pillowcases should be free of wrinkles or stray hairs and should have a fresh smell.
  12.  The general odor of the room is often overlooked as the room should always have a fresh smell.
  13.  The tiled area next to the shower collects grime and shows water marks if not attended to daily.
  14.  The area under the shower mat which often collects lots of dirt and fungus.
  15.  The area behind the toilet bowl, including pipes, cisterns, and roll receptacles, all provide surfaces and nooks where dirt settles.
  16.  The area under the toilet seats and also the rubber bush that fits the toilet seat to the toilet bowl.
  17.  The area under the vanity unit and towel racks, which are hard to reach and may accumulate a lot of dust and debris.{loadposition amp-mid}
  18.  The tiles behind the vanity unit also get water marks and soap marks easily.
  19.  The faucet filters, which also stained brown colour due to dirt collecting in them.
  20.  The air vents in the toilet, which are hard to reach and which if neglected during routine cleaning, may collect stubborn grime and dust.
  21.  The baseboards in the guest bedroom as well as the bathroom, accumulate dust.
  22.  For rooms with glass sliding doors and windows, the railings will accumulate dirt and dust over time.
  23.  The top side of floor skirtings can accumulate dirt and also cobwebs if left unattended.
Lastly, the carpeting and upholstery in the room are often overlooked. These areas can collect dirt and stains over time, and it's important to regularly deep clean them to keep the room looking and smelling fresh.
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