Floor – Supervisor / H/K Assistant Job Description

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Job Description for Floor Supervisor / H/K Assistant

As a Floor-Supervisor / Housekeeping Assistant, your role is crucial in ensuring the smooth running of operations in the hospitality industry. You will be responsible for supervising and coordinating the work of housekeeping staff, ensuring that all guest rooms, public spaces, and back-of-house areas are clean and well-maintained.

Your key duties will include managing daily housekeeping schedules, assigning tasks to housekeeping staff, and ensuring that each employee has the necessary training to perform their duties effectively. You will also be responsible for conducting regular inspections of guest rooms and public areas to ensure that they meet the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

In addition to your supervisory duties, you will also be required to perform a range of housekeeping tasks, such as cleaning guest rooms, public areas, and back-of-house spaces. You will be expected to have a thorough knowledge of cleaning products and techniques, and to be able to use cleaning equipment safely and effectively.

To be successful in this role, you will need to have excellent communication and organizational skills, and be able to work effectively under pressure. You should also be physically fit and able to perform manual tasks, and have a friendly and approachable demeanor when dealing with guests and staff alike.

Overall, this is a challenging and rewarding role that requires a high level of skill and dedication. If you are passionate about hospitality and have a strong work ethic, then this could be the perfect role for you.

The floor Supervisor will be responsible for maintaining guestrooms, working areas, and the hotel premises in general in a clean and orderly manner. Also coordinating daily housekeeping operations and maintaining the housekeeping operating standards.

You are also responsible for supervising room attendants to deliver excellent Guest satisfaction and experience. On time to time basis may also be required to assist the Housekeeping Manager in various activities.


  • Responsible for the smooth operation of the floor assigned.
  •  Responsible for the performance of floor boys.
  •  Supervise Room Attendants
  •  Organises and facilitates the room-making process.
  •  Daily allocation of rooms and deep cleaning tasks to team members.
  •  Responsible for the cleanliness of guest rooms, corridors, and heart of the house area of the floor.
  •  Checks the occupied and departure rooms, giving special attention to guest needs.
  •  Ensures that the entire operation is performed as per the laid down standards.
  •  To organize immediately the guest needs under intimation to EHK/Executive.
  •  Manage guest requests, including VIP amenities, and communicating them to the relevant team members
  •  Routine inspection of guest bedrooms to ensure they meet standards.
  •  Aware of all room categories and amenities.
  •  Achieve positive outcomes from guest queries in a timely and efficient manner
  •  Carry out lost and found procedures.
  •  Report maintenance issues to the Maintenance/Engineering Department.
  •  Assist Housekeeping Manager with training requirements.
  •  Represent the needs of the team to others in the hotel.
  •  Comply with hotel security, fire regulations, and all health and safety legislation.
  •  Assist other departments wherever necessary and maintain good working relationships.


To provide a friendly, courteous, and professional service at all times, Good communicative English skills, reading, writing, and speaking. Basic computer operating skills


Three-year diploma or degree in Hotel Management.


Experience Two to three years of experience managing entry-level employees. Proven experience working in a similar role in an upscale organization.

JOB TITLE: Floor Supervisor

REPORTS TO: Executive Housekeeper / Asst. Executive housekeeper

Interview Questions For a Floor Supervisor or Housekeeping Assistant Position:

When interviewing candidates for a Floor Supervisor or Housekeeping Assistant position, it’s important to assess their leadership skills, attention to detail, and familiarity with housekeeping operations. Here are some interview questions and salary details:

  1. Can you discuss your previous experience in a housekeeping or related role, particularly in a supervisory or assistant capacity?
    • Look for candidates with relevant experience, especially those who have demonstrated leadership skills.
  2. How do you prioritize and delegate tasks among housekeeping staff to ensure efficient and high-quality service?
    • Assess the candidate’s organizational and delegation skills, as well as their ability to manage a team effectively.
  3. What measures do you take to ensure that cleanliness and hygiene standards are consistently met in guest rooms and public areas?
    • Evaluate the candidate’s commitment to maintaining high standards and their attention to detail in housekeeping operations.
  4. How do you handle and resolve conflicts or issues within the housekeeping team?
    • Assess the candidate’s interpersonal and conflict resolution skills, as well as their ability to foster a positive team environment.
  5. Can you share an example of a time when you implemented process improvements that positively impacted housekeeping efficiency and effectiveness?
    • Look for candidates who demonstrate an ability to identify areas for improvement and take initiative to implement positive changes.
  6. How do you ensure that housekeeping staff are properly trained and oriented to meet the specific needs of guests?
    • Evaluate the candidate’s approach to training and onboarding to ensure consistent service quality.
  7. What strategies do you use to communicate effectively with other departments and collaborate for seamless operations?
    • Assess the candidate’s communication skills and their ability to foster collaboration between housekeeping and other hotel departments.

Salary Details For a Floor Supervisor or Housekeeping Assistant Position:

The salary for a Floor Supervisor or Housekeeping Assistant can vary based on factors such as experience, location, and the size of the establishment. As of January 2024, the salary range for this position in the United States was approximately $30,000 to $45,000 per year. However, salary figures may have changed, so it’s recommended to consult recent industry salary surveys or HR professionals for the most up-to-date information in your specific region or industry. Keep in mind that salaries may also vary depending on the specific responsibilities and requirements of the position.

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