Tips For Suggesting And Selling Wine In Restaurants

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Tips for Suggesting and Selling Wine in Restaurants

Presenting the wine list to the guest:

  • Would you like to see the wine list, Mr. Danta?
  •  Would you care for some wine with your meal?
  •  Here is the wine list, Mr. Jackson

Taking the wine order

  • Have you selected/chosen your wine, Mr. David?
  •  Provide suggestions to guests to select a wine
  •  May I suggest the ‘Columbia Valley Merlot’ (mention the name of the wine)?
  •  May I suggest the Zinfandel? It would go well with your Chuck Steak.
  •  May I suggest a bottle of Claret, which is a full-bodied red wine?
  •  Would you like to have a bottle of ‘Macon Lugny’ with your ‘Chicken ala King’?
  •  Would you like me to recommend a bottle of wine to go with your meal, Mr. Barak?
  •  Would you prefer a light dry white wine or a red medium, Mr. Bansal?

Presenting the wine

  • Here is your wine, Mr. Wilson. A MaCAY 2013 ( Name and make of year).
  •  Would you like me to open it now or later?
  •  Would you like to taste the wine, Miss. Sandra?

Offering to pour the wine after it has been tasted

  • May I serve the wine?

Note: Learn How to serve wine

Suggesting another bottle of wine

  • May I bring you another bottle?
  •  Would you like another bottle of the same wine, Sir / Madam?
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