SOP – Kitchen Stewarding – Dishwashing Machine Cleaning And Maintenance

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Cleaning and Maintaining Dishwashing Machine / Dishwasher

Overall, mastering the basics of ware washing is crucial for any kitchen steward. By following proper procedures and paying attention to detail, they can help keep the kitchen running smoothly and ensure that customers receive clean, safe dishes every time.

All stewarding staff must have complete knowledge about dishwashing machines, their handling, their maintenance, etc. All stewarding staff must familiarize themselves with the correct standards and procedures for handling the kitchen equipment. Always disconnect the electrical power supply and place a tag at the disconnect switch indicating that you are working on the circuit before performing any cleaning and maintenance procedures.

The Executive Chef and Stewarding Manager should be responsible for ensuring that appropriate kitchen equipment cleaning and maintenance methods are followed by the stewarding staff. The hotel training and HRD department should develop and implement proper written Kitchen Stewarding SOP’s to ensure the same is implemented correctly throughout all the food preparation outlets.

dishwashing machine cleaning and maintenance

What are the steps for cleaning the Dishwashing Machine?

Note: This SOP is for reference or example only, always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for your and others’ safety, and also to avoid any injury while operating this equipment.

1. Dishwashers must be thoroughly cleaned after the operation.

2. Open the door and lift the drain handle to drain water. The drain handle is placed above the strainer panel in the front of the wash tank.

3. Remove and clean curtains.

4. Use a hose with nozzles to wash large particles into the machine, and clean the dishwasher interior thoroughly.

5. Pull the upper arm latch, and rotate the upper arm front to take the upper arm. Lift the lower arm front and rotate right to take the lower arm. Remove a plug of the lower arm and clean wash arms.

6. Take out the strainer basket and strainer panel. Pour waste into the dustbin. Do not strike the strainer basket/panel on hard things. Clean the strainer basket/panel in the water pool.

7. Drain the wash tank and pull out the intake screen strainer to clean.

8. Take out the rinse arm, screw the rinse arm plug, clean the nozzle and rinse arm.

9. Re-install the wash arm plug and make sure not too tight. Install wash arms and rinse arms in proper positions.

10. Clean the tank bottom and clean out the left food leavings.

11. Replace the pump intake screen, strainer basket, and strainer panel.

12. Open the door to make sure interior air circulates freely.

13. Re-install all the curtains.

14. As with any other stainless steel products, please use a wet dishcloth or neutral suds to clean the machine exterior.

15. Do not use steel wool to clean the surface of dishwashers and only use products that announce no harm to stainless steel.

16. Do not hose down other sections except the wash chamber and tank interior.

How to clean and maintain the dishwashing bench and overhead rack?

Clean down: General cleaning

Dishwashing bench: The table where the dirty equipment is kept.

Overhead rack: For the glass racks.

Clean-down is to be done every meal period and every shift change.

1. Clean all the equipment on the dishwashing bench.

2. Put the glass racks on the overhead rack.

3. Clean the cutleries container and the washing tub.

4. Clean the bench and overhead rack with detergents.

5. Spray with hot water until they are clean and dry them up.

6. Reinstate the decoy system.

7. Replace the trash bin when appropriate.

What are the steps for de-liming / descaling the dishwashing machine?

Deliming is the process of cleaning water stains inside the dishwashing machine and this process must be done at least once every week.

1. Release the chemicals on the dispenser.

2. Dismantle the rinse hose so that the chemicals are not mixed.

3. Turn on the machine to remove all the leftover cleaning chemicals.

4. Turn off the main power.

5. Open the drain valve to remove the water.

6. Reclose the drain valve.

7. Reignite the main power to refill the water.

8. Pour five liters of lime scaler into the machine.

9. Turn on the machine. Operate on 50-60 C for washing and 60-80 for rinsing.

10. Operate the machine for a maximum of one hour.

11. Turn off the machine and dismantle all the parts one by one.

12. Clean and spray them with water.

13. Remove all the water used during the de-liming process.

14. Reignite the machine and repeat it for two more rinses.

What are the steps for cleaning the strainer pan and basket?

  • Strainer pan and basket must be cleaned termly in use, to prevent overmuch waste to influence dishwasher performance.
  •  Stop the machine, open the inspection doors, and strainer basket placed in the front of the tank.
  •  Too much waste on the strainer pan and basket may reduce wash performance and even damage the machine.

How to lubricate the dishwasher machine?

  • Check the owner’s operating manual to see the list of acceptable lubricants to use with your dishwashing machine.
  •  Line strainers used in water or steam lines should be cleaned once every week.
  •  Normally all motors have sealed bearings and hence it does not require any lubrication or maintenance.
  •  Conveyor Gearmotor – The gear case is filled with lubricant and does not require to change them.
  •  The work life of the machine should be longer if the lubrication is changed periodically.
  •  Conveyor Drive Chain – Inspect the drive chain regularly and lubricate it as and when it is required. 

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. How to lubricate the dishwashing machines?

Q3. Explain the terms Overhead Rack, Clean Down, and Dishwashing bench.

Q4. Explain the steps for de-liming / descaling the dishwashing machine.

Q5. What are the steps for cleaning the strainer pan and basket?

SOP Number: Kitchen / F&B Production SOP – 33
Department: All Kitchen and Stewarding Staff
Date Issued: 16-Feb-2019
Time to Train: 30 Minutes
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