SOP – Kitchen Stewarding – Cleaning Automatic Coffee Maker / Espresso Machine

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How To Clean Automatic Coffee Maker / Espresso Machine

To obtain the best efficiency, quality, and performance of the machine, always follow the cleaning and care instructions advised by the manufacturer of the coffee/espresso machine. The stewarding staff should make sure to safely and hygienically clean the coffee machine to achieve consistent results every time.

The Executive Chef and Stewarding Manager should be responsible for ensuring that appropriate kitchen equipment cleaning and maintenance methods are followed by the stewarding staff. The hotel training and HRD department should develop and implement proper written Kitchen Stewarding SOP’s to ensure the same is implemented correctly throughout all the food preparation outlets.

What are the steps for cleaning and maintaining the Coffee/Espresso Machine?

Note: This SOP is for reference or example only, always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for your and others’ safety, and also to avoid any injury while operating this equipment.

  • Coffee maker machines are to be cleaned every week from coffee soils/ stains.
  •  Turn off the power switch when cleaning the exterior of the machine.
  •  All external surfaces should be cleaned with a wet cloth that will not get out of fibres, or threads or scratch the machine.
  •  Do not use aggressive cleaning detergents, solvents, or degreasers as they can damage the machine.
  •  Once a day or after 8 hours from the last dispensing of coffee, the following cleaning tasks must be performed to maintain the quality and performance of the water system in the machine:
  •  Capsule group: Brew a continuous coffee without a capsule for around one minute.
  •  Steam wand: Position the wand outside the drip tray and open the steam tap for around one minute.
  •  Manual hot water outlet: Place a container under the water outlet and open the tap for 20 seconds.
  •  Automatic hot water outlet: Place a container under the water outlet and press the hot water button for 3 seconds to start, dispense water for 20 seconds.

How to perform the daily cleaning and routine cleaning of the Coffee Machine?

  • Rinse the group and porta-filter without detergent. (only using the membrane and hot water)
  •  Clean the external surfaces of the machine, and pay special attention to the stainless steel parts.
  •  Clean the steam wand and the water outlet.
  •  Be sure that the stem nozzles are not blocked or half blocked (for example with milk residue etc.).
  •  If it’s necessary to clean, be careful not to deform or damage any of the components of the coffee machine.
  •  Clean the drip tray and the stainless steel insert grid under running water with a brush.
  •  You can slowly pour 1L of hot water into the drain cup to dissolve and remove the coffee residue that has accumulated inside the cup and tubes.
  •  Clean the group’s gasket and shower plate.
  •  Clean the brewing group and portafilter with the recommended cleaning powder by the manufacturer.

How to clean the Rex Royal Coffee Machine?

  • Put one tablet in the cleaning hole of the machine.
  •  Press no 9 three times and wait four minutes for the cleaning process.
  •  Make 2 coffee cups for the rinse process.
  •  Check drain plugs and make sure they are clean and there is no foreign matter blocking the drain.
  •  Remove coffee soils from the rubbish container.
  •  Clean the exterior surface with a clean cloth.

How to clean the SAECO Coffee Machine?

  • Press the required buttons (one by one) to initiate the wash process.
  •  Open the door and be careful when taking the coffee filter.
  •  Clean it with a napkin and spray it with some clean water.
  •  Remove the coffee soil from the rubbish container.
  •  Clean the exterior surface with a clean cloth.
  •  Fill the tank with mineral water.

How to clean the brewing group and portafilter of automatic coffee machines?

  • Unlock and remove the portafilter from the group head.
  •  Place the cleaning membrane in the filter basket.
  •  Fill the filter basket with professional cleaning powder for espresso coffee machines.
  •  Lock the portafilter into the group head.
  •  Activate the auto-cleaning program and Turn off the machine.
  •  Press and hold down the 2 Short.
  •  The espressos button on the button panel of the group requires cleaning.
  •  Without releasing the button, turn on the machine and the auto-cleaning will start automatically then release the button
  •  Never try to remove the porta-filter whilst the group is in the cleaning operation, as the pressurized hot water could cause scalding or serious injury.
  •  Once cleaning has finished, wait about 3 seconds before removing the porta-filter.
  •  Once the cleaning process is finished, remove the portafilter and run water through the group again to rinse out all remains.
  •  Repeat the cleaning process this time without detergent to remove any remains of the cleaning powder, and store the cleaning membrane in a convenient place.
  •  Rinse the group and portafilter without detergent (only using the membrane and hot water) every day.
  •  Clean the group and portafilter with detergent once a week.

How to clean the gasket and shower plate?

  • When placing the porta-filter filled with ground coffee into the brewing group, leftovers will accumulate on the closing surface.
  •  If these remains are excessive it can prevent a good closing between the porta-filter and the group head. These remains can even block the dispensing of water through the group head.
  •  To prevent this perform the following cleaning, Place the cleaning membrane in the filter basket (without detergent).
  •  Insert the porta-filter in the group head, but do not tighten fully (the porta-filter should be loose).
  •  Press the Continuous Dispensing button on the button panel.
  •  Make an opening-closing movement of the porta-filter in place without closing it.
  •  Water will now flow around the porta-filter, flowing through the closing surface and cleaning it.
  •  Remove the porta-filter from the group head.
  •  Clean the shower and gasket with a soft brush to remove any coffee remains.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. How to perform the daily and routine maintenance of the coffee machine? 

Q3. Why it is important to clean the brewing group and portafilter?

Q4. How to clean the gasket and shower plate?

Q5. Explain the method for cleaning the gasket and shower plate. 
SOP Number: Kitchen / F&B Production SOP – 29
Department: Kitchen Stewarding
Date Issued: 7-Feb-2019
Time to Train: 20 Minutes
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