SOP – Housekeeping – Taking Messages And Handling Complaints

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Taking Messages and Handling Complaints in Housekeeping

Purpose of this SOP: Housekeeping is an essential aspect of maintaining a clean and organized environment in any workplace. As part of the standard operating procedure (SOP), it is important to have a protocol in place for taking messages and handling complaints.

When taking messages, it is important to listen attentively to the caller and write down all the necessary information accurately. This includes the caller’s name, phone number, message details, and any other relevant information. It is also important to prioritize urgent messages and ensure they are delivered promptly to the intended recipient.

Handling complaints can be a challenging task, but it is important to handle them respectfully and professionally. Listen carefully to the complaint and acknowledge the person’s concerns. Offer a solution or alternative to resolve the issue and follow up to ensure the complaint has been resolved to their satisfaction.

In conclusion, a well-defined SOP for housekeeping, including taking messages and handling complaints, can help create a positive work environment, improve communication, and enhance overall productivity.

Taking messages in HK Control Desk:

While taking a message the following procedure has to be followed:

  • Name of the person for whom the message is intended.
  • Name of the person leaving the message.
  •  The contact number of the person leaving the messages.
  •  Date, Time, and Initials.
  •  Details of the Guest request / Messages.
  •  Request forwarded to Staff.
  •  Status of the request.

Note: Download Sample guest request tracker formats.

  • Repeat and confirm the message/request with the guest/caller.
  •  Pass on the message immediately to the concerned person or department. 
  •  When taking a message, a staff member has to ensure to collect accurate and adequate information and pass it on to the appropriate person.
  •  Follow up with the concerned person and take an update on the task until it is completed.

Handling complaints:

  • Do not argue with the guest.
  •  The guest is always right.
  •  Listen attentively to the guest and understand what is exactly wrong.
  •  Write pertinent details down on the guest request tracking sheet.
  •  Apologize for the inconvenience caused.
  •  Rectify the situation if you can. These are some instances where common sense will prevail and so as long as you are aware of the standard procedure of rectifying complaints.
  •  Inform the Manager of all complaints immediately, even if you have successfully resolved the situation.
  •  Note down the incident on the log book and give handover to the next shift if the issue is still not resolved.
  •  Complaint has to be handled positively and with empathy for the guest, aspiring for 100% guest satisfaction as the outcome.
  •  If the problem is out of your authority, inform the manager or Duty Manager.
  •  Guest should be kept informed of the developments.
  •  Record all the details in the Guest Call Register.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What details are to be noted down while taking a guest request?

Q2. Why it is important to repeat the message/request with the guest? 

Q3. Why it is required to follow up with the task owner?

Q4. What are the tips for handling guest complaints?

Q5. Whom to be reported in case the problem is out of your authority?
SOP Number: Housekeeping SOP - 06 
Department: Housekeeping – Control Desk
Time to Train: 30 Minutes
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