SOP – Concierge / Travel Desk – Airport Pickup Service

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How To Handle Airport Pickup Service by the Concierge or Travel Desk?

Purpose of Airport Pickup Service SOP: The Concierge and Travel Desk team should make sure to do the right thing the first time and every single time especially when it comes to airport pick-up and drop requests.

All guests should be promptly met and greeted upon arrival. The primary objective should be to avoid missed pick-up, control of vehicle usage and follow the hotel pickup standards.

The Front Office / Bell Desk / Concierge team should be ready to assist as well as possible in this process. Any request of the guest must be followed up in the correct way in order to ensure his/her satisfaction.

Airport Baggage Lost and Found Standard Procedure:

1. Getting the airport pickup report.

  • Every morning and afternoon shift airport representatives should print an airport pickup report from the PMS (Property Management System) / Hotel Software.
  • The concierge or Travel desk team should double-check with the daily transportation control sheet.
  • Always get the updated information for pick up of the guest.
  • For reference check the hotel guest arrival airport.

2. Upon arrival at the airport.

  • Check airport limousine transfer status.
  • Upon arrival at the airport, the Airport Representative should check all the guest flight arrival times according to the arrival report.
  • Make sure all the ETA is updated as per the latest schedule.
  • Every 30 minutes check the ETA and if there are any changes and update the same on the report if required.
  • Avoid misunderstanding between reservation and transportation.

3. Before flight landing.

  • Every 30 minutes check the ETA and if there are any changes, update the arrival report and call back to the hotel to inform concierge on-duty staff.
  • Prepare Placard / Paging Board / Airport Pickup Board with printed guest name and flight details.

4. Upon flight arrival.

  • Ensure the limousine arrives at the airport 15 minutes prior to the flight arrival.
  • The guest will be able to see his name and will be met upon arrival.
  • Avoid airport representatives missing the guest.

5. Meet the guest.

  • Hold the signboard in front of you at eye-visible level and stand in front of the arrival gate to wait for the guest.
  • Always maintain a smile and when a guest approaches you, say: “Mr. David, Welcome to Atlanta, Hope you had a nice flight”.
  • If more than one guest says “Hi Sir/Madam, May I have your name, please.”
  • After obtaining the guest’s name, greet the guest by name.
  • Clear visual and able to see all guests coming out from the arrival hall.
  • Inform the Hotel Concierge team before starting from the airport.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. Who is responsible organise the airport pickup?

Q3. What details should be there on the airport pickup report?

Q4. How to prepare the paging board or placard?

Q5. Why it is important to not to miss the guest pickup?

SOP Number: Front Office SOP – 61
Department: Front office / Bell Desk / Concierge  - Airport Pickup Service
Date Issued: 01-Sep-2019
Time to Train: 30 Minutes
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