SOP – Restaurant – Table Setup – How to Place Glassware and Tabletop Items?

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How To Setup Restaurant Table – Glassware and Tabletop Items?

Purpose of this SOP:

A neatly set table and laid out Glassware and Tabletop items are the signature of a good restaurant and reflect the standard of quality of the establishment. Guests’ first impression of the table is important in setting the tone for a great and pleasing dining experience. Make sure you have the required items for laying the Glassware and Tabletop Items.

1. Preparation for laying Glassware:

  1. Get Racks of clean glasses from your side station or the dish room.
  2.  Carry only one rack at a time to the restaurant or dining room.
  3.  Place the glassware rack on a tray jack.
  4.  A few examples of glasses used in restaurants are – Red wine glasses, White wine glasses, Water glasses, or Water Goblet, etc. 
  5.  Make sure glasses are clean and free of water spots, lipstick marks, food residue, chips, or cracks.
  6.  Return soiled glasses to the dish room.
  7.  Remove chipped or cracked glasses and report to the supervisor. 
  8.  Make sure you know the wine list and the required glasses for each wine.
  9.  Have your carrying plate ready with a clean, folded napkin.
  10.  Never transport glasses with your bare hands.

2. Placing Glassware on Table:

  1. Place a water glass one inch above the tip of the knife blade at each place setting.
  2.  Place the red wine glass above the tip of the big knife, at about 1 cm distance from it.
  3.  Place the white wine glass next to the red wine glass, on the right-hand side, and a little lower near the tip of the small knife (or spoon if there is one).
  4.  The glasses must not touch each other but be as close as possible.
  5.  Put the water glass behind both glasses to form a perfect and compact triangle.
  6.  Return empty racks to the dish room.

3. Placing Tabletop items:

  1. Pick up tabletop items from your side station.
  2.  Get enough of each of the following items to set on all tables:
  3.  Centrepieces.
  4.  Salt and pepper shakers and grinders.
  5.  Sugar Bowls.
  6.  Condiments and cracker baskets.
  7.  Ashtrays and matches.
  8.  Always Check the condition and appearance of each item.
  9.  Clean or replace any items if necessary.
  10.  Place Items on the Service Tray.
  11.  Do not overload the tray.
  12.  Make as many trips as necessary to safely carry items.
  13.  Always carry the tray to the dining room and place it on a tray jack.
  14.  Place each item neatly in the centre of the table according to the hotel’s standard table setup specifications.
  15.  In case the tables are against the wall, then place tabletop items at the end of the tabletop or near the wall.

4. Check your work

  • All glasses must be positioned the same to preserve the harmony of the table.
  •  All tabletop items must be positioned at the appropriate place as per the hotel standard.
  •  The water glass should be only removed after the guest leaves.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. Why is it important to place Glassware and Tabletop items as per the standards?

Q2. How to prepare for laying glassware?

Q3. What are the key points to note while laying the glassware?

Q4. How to place wine glasses?

Q5. Name a few items which are placed on the tabletop.
SOP Number: Food and Beverage Service SOP - 44 
Department: Food and Beverage Service – Restaurant
Date Issued: 30-06-2018
Time to Train: 30 Min
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