SOP – Banquets – Buffet setup and Maintaining

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Buffet setup and Maintenance in Banquets

Banquet Buffet setup:

The hotel offers different kinds of buffets. Each hotel/outlet category has several buffet set-ups to choose from according to the budget and selection of dishes.

Buffets must be rigorously set up according to the pre-established layouts. Any buffet set-up must fulfil the following requirements :

  • Efficient for both guest service and replenishment.
  •  Layout and decoration are attractive for the customer.
  •  Adequate lighting, with colours if required.
  •  Sufficient power points for connecting all the required electrical appliances.
  •  Sufficient quantity of alternative heating fuel, e.g., gas, and adequate corresponding safety features.
  •  The buffet service shall be similar to that applied in the restaurant procedure.
  •  The buffet shall be ready 15 minutes before the starting time indicated on the BEO.

Maintain The Buffet:

Keep hot items hot:

  • If there is less than one-quarter of an inch of water in the liners of hot chafing dishes, use a pitcher of water to refill the liners.
  •  If the chafing dishes are heated by canned, gel-type fuel then make sure the cans stay lit, and replace them when they become empty.
  •  Replace the lid on serving dishes when guests are not in the buffet line.

Keep cold items cold:

  • Use pitchers to add ice to the buffet as needed to keep the containers holding cold items surrounded by ice.
  •  Remove ice that gets into the food containers and replace any items that become waterlogged.

Refill Food and water:

  • When a container is less than one-quarter full get a full container from the kitchen.
  •  Remove the old container and replace it with the full one. Do not combine food from the old and new containers.
  •  Bring the old container to the kitchen and give it to the appropriate person.
  •  Place enough drinking water glasses filled at all times.

Maintain service ware:

  • Restock dishes when there are fewer than ten dishes in a stack. Never let a stack get below five dishes.
  •  Make sure each container has an appropriate serving utensil.
  •  Return serving utensils to the correct containers.
  •  Replace utensils that fall on the floor with clean utensils from the kitchen.
  •  Use a damp, food-safe cleaning cloth to wipe spills on the buffet table.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. Why it is important to have a buffet layout which is efficient for guest service?

Q2. What items are taken care of while setting up a buffet?

Q3. How to keep hot items hot in the Buffet?

Q4. How to replace/replenish food containers?

Q5. How to maintain service ware during banquet functions?
SOP Number: Food and Beverage Service SOP - 30
Department: Food and Beverage Service – Banquet
Time to Train: 30 Minutes
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