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Housekeeping Functions questions during PMS demo

Suggested Housekeeping Features / Functionality in Hotel Software

  • Demonstrate how the cleaning schedules are generated from the system by taking into consideration the occupancy and staffing levels.

  • Demonstrate the capability of generating the room attendants worksheet from the system (which will include linen, toiletries, water, flowers, chocolates, apples) based on the occupancy of the hotel guest profile (VIP, VVIP).

  • Demonstrate guest complaint & request tracking to make sure it is within the service levels.

  • Demonstrate how to leave messages or Traces on the system for further follow-up.  

  • Demonstrate the options available to schedule and track maintenance activities from the system (right care, deep cleaning).  

  • Demonstrate tracking of guest special preference notifications made by Reservations.  

  • Ability to sort the room status list by all headers.  

  • Ability to export or print the list.  

  • Update the room status for single or multiple rooms easily.  

  • Demonstrate how the housekeeping staffing plan is done in the system.  

  • Update/release room status using mobile or tablet application.  

  • Room release via guestroom telephone with a detailed audit trail to find out who & when.  

  • Demo room / public area allocation according to zones, occupancy & standard time required.  

  • Allocate points for Housekeeping Staff as per different status (Stay over, Linen Change, Departure, Touch up etc.) and Room Type.  

  • Demonstrate Adding rooms as Out-of-order.  

  • How to close housekeeping sections for offseason.  

  • While adding rooms under Out-of-order system checks if any future blocking is done for the same room.  

  • Demonstrate Adding rooms as Out-of-service.  

  • Out-of-order rooms, out of service and on hold (or simple maintenance) - impact on the hotel inventory.  

  • Print Job order for the maintenance team.  

  • View Maintenance history of rooms under out-of-order and out-of-service.  

  • Create Maintenance tasks using Mobile or Tablet Application.  

  • Update expected resolution time for each housekeeping maintenance tasks.  

  • Housekeeping maintenance request management process to be demonstrated with available workflow capabilities - facility to auto-escalate & send SMS to a higher authority for pending maintenance tasks?  

  • Enter Room Discrepancy by Room Occupancy Status, Scanty baggage, skipper and also by a number of pax occupying the room.  

  • Room Discrepancy to be saved automatically during End of day and the same need to be reprinted for any past dates.  

  • Email Discrepancy list from the System to Front Office.  

  • Lost and Found Functionality.  

  • Ability to enter lost items using Mobile Application.  

  • Ability to take a picture of the lost item using the mobile application and also manually attach the picture from the computer.  

  • Serial number wise entry for all lost and found items.  

  • Enter comments, the user found, location, item description, remarks to each item and also link with the reservation.  

  • In case a guest with a lost and found items check-in to the hotel then a pop-up notification should appear for front office staff.  

  • Detailed Audit log on the Lost and Found functionality ( Who added, Who modified etc.)  

  • How to mark items as send to the customer, disposed of, gifted to founder, unclaimed etc.  

  • Hotel status summary screen with detail & drill down - colour coded / room status.  

  • Tracking guest supplies (amenities) - Is there a mini inventory system for housekeeping?  

  • Consumption and replenishment from stores.  

  • Posting Minibar and Laundry Charges to the guest room.  

  • Ability to post mini bar Charges using the housekeeping mobile app or guest telephone.  

  • Print Detailed sales and consumption report for Mini Bar Items.  

  • Show all housekeeping related reports.  

  • User rights to different housekeeping functionality.  

  • Detailed audit log for all actions done on housekeeping module.  

  • Track Room Attendant productivity.  

  • Occupancy/block history for each room.  

  • Possibility to track the linen room inventory movement by scanning bar code.

  • List of available interface with third-party housekeeping applications.

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