Hotel Pool side audit checklist for Managers. Swimming pool services and facilities checklist for hotels.

Swimming Pool Services and Facility audit checklist

  • Guest acknowledged with eye contact and smile within 10 feet.

  • A polite greeting, offer of assistance, etc. was made within 5 feet  by pool attendant. 

  • Pool staff asked the guest’s name and Guest name used at least one time. 

  • Staff anticipated needs and offered a lounge chair, towels, items for children, etc.  

  • Pool area rules were enforced.

  • Pool staff was the last one to speak and always thanked guest.

  • Rules/warning signs were clearly posted, signs not worn or damaged.

  • Availability hours of lifeguard clearly posted near pool side.

  • Lifeguard present during the hours mentioned. And was attentive to all pool areas activities.  

  • Pool was appropriately heated during winters.

  • Pool deck was not damaged, worn or cracked.

  • Pool interior and tiles were free of algae, not worn or damaged.

  • Pool water was free of floating debris, clear.

  • Depth markings were clearly posted.

  • Chairs, furnishings were matching and were neatly arranged throughout pool areas.

  • Chairs were free of markings, not stained or soiled and not damaged.

  • Tables were free of markings, not stained or soiled and not damaged.

  • Pool side umbrellas were free of markings, not stained or soiled and not damaged.

  • Towels were available at convenient location.

  • Towels were free of stains and was not torn.

  • Soiled towels stowed away from guests view.

  • Pool area restrooms floors and walls were free of debris, spots and hair.

  • Pool area restrooms counter tops, sinks and toilets were dry, free of stains, hairs and not damaged.

  • Public restrooms stocked with sufficient hand or paper towels, soap and other required amenities

  • Staff did not congregate or engage in personal conversation with other staff, no horseplay.

  • Pool staff well groomed, uniformed, name tag was present.

  • Staff did not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum.

  • The speed of service adapted to the environment and the needs of the guest.


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