Hotel Exterior Cleanliness  Standard Checklist

  • Outside entrance and driveway area were in inviting in appearance, well maintained, free of debris and in good condition.

  • The exterior of the hotel was in good condition (paintwork, bricks, woodwork, etc.), free of dirt and markings.

  • All Awnings and canopies were maintained free of stains, not soiled and not torn.

  • Hotel signage was in good condition and fully lit, no burnt out bulbs, no faded paint and also free of soil and dust

  • All flags were in good condition, not frayed or torn and also free of dirt and debris.

  • All exterior artefacts were clean and in good condition.

  • All Exterior floral displays/planters were fresh and attractive in appearance.

  • Sufficient illumination was present in all outside areas. 

  • All Windows and doors were in good condition free of prints, smudges and free of damage. 

  • No burned out light bulbs and cobwebs.

  • Disabled access (ramps) cleaned and not blocked with any obstacles.

  • Music was audible in the portico sound quality was excellent. 

  • Music played in the parking lot was audible with excellent sound quality.  

  • Lighting was adequate, and of perfect working order, no burned out bulbs. 

  • Parking lot and garage were adequately lit. 

  • The driveway was easily accessible with a valet system present.

  • Doorman / Valet desk was free of debris, clutter, stains and in good condition.

  • All bell carts and trolley were clean, polished and free of debris.

  • Bell carts were stored in designated areas and out of guest’s line of site.

  • Garbage receptacles were easily located and well maintained.

  • Guest Elevator Emergency Telephone working properly, channel music audible and clear. 

  • Outdoor furniture was organised and free of stains and debris and in good condition.

  • Guest and Staff Parking lot and garage were free of debris.

  • Grounds were well kept, free of weeds and debris.

  • Exterior pathways were free of stains and debris.


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