Lobby and Public Area Cleanliness Checklist

  • The reception desk was organised, free of clutter, free of dust and debris.

  • Hotel lobby was attractive in design, in good condition, free of dust and debris.

  • Décor was fresh in appearance and of a high standard.

  • If floral decorations were present, they were fresh in appearance.

  • Fabrics were free of stains and in excellent repair.

  • Furnishings were well maintained; free of dust, scuffs, markings and of high quality.

  • The floor was free of spots, stains and debris.

  • Flooring was in an excellent state of repair, not worn in appearance.

  • All Windows and doors were in good condition free of prints, smudges and free of damage.

  • Walls and ceilings were free of spots, dust and debris.

  • Walls, ceilings were in good condition, free of damage.

  • Building interior had consistently comfortable air temperature, no unpleasant odours.

  • Lobby Music / Channel Music was clear and audible, with excellent sound quality.

  • Lighting was adequate, and of perfect working order, no burned out bulbs. 

  • Corridor surfaces were free of dust and smudges, mirrors were free of streaks.

  • Corridor carpets in good condition, free of debris, stains free of rips, tears and wear.  

  • Corridor curtains and windows were free of dust, smudges, streaks and stains.

  • Corridor curtains were in good condition, free of rips, tears and damage.  

  • House telephones functioned properly; Scribbling Pads/Pencils were available. 

  • Guest Elevator cars in good condition, functioned responsively, had no spots, stains, smudges or debris. 

  • Guest Elevator Emergency Telephone working properly, channel music audible and clear. 

  • Public restroom décor was of high standard and free of unpleasant odours.  

  • Music was clearly audible in public restroom, with excellent sound quality.

  • Public restroom floors free of dirt and debris.

  • Public restroom wallpaper/tiles were free of holes and chips.

  • Public restroom countertops were in good condition, free of damage, sinks were dry and free of spots, stains and hair.

  • Public restroom faucets and fixtures were in good condition and free of damage, free of spots and rust.

  • Public restroom mirrors in good condition, free of spots, streaks, free of cracks and chips.

  • Public restroom partitions were clean and free of dust, streaks and debris.

  • Public restrooms urinals, toilets and tank in good condition; seats not loose, free of spots, debris and stains.  

  • The liquid soap dispenser was stocked with soap and paper tissues; free of dust and debris.


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