Housekeeping General Operational Standards Check list

  • Housekeeping staff was respectful and kept guest corridors quiet at all times.  

  • Staff members well groomed, uniformed, name tags were present.

  • Staff did not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum.

  • All occupied rooms are serviced twice daily and as and when requested by the guest.

  • Mirrors/pictures were free from dust and smudges.

  • All occupied rooms are serviced twice daily and as and when requested by the guest.

  • 3 knocks, announce, wait 10 seconds and repeat.

  • If guest was present, housekeeper offered to return at a more convenient time for service.

  • When available, guest name was used.

  • "Do Not Disturb" / "DND" cards strictly respected.

  • A card or silent phone message was provided when a “Do No Disturb” sign was present.

  • Carts were neat and organized; linens and trash not overflowing.

  • All stationeries and supplies restocked to par levels.

  • Carts were stored out of guest’s sight during breaks and at the end of shifts.

  • All Guest acknowledged with eye contact and smile within 10 feet, vacuum was turned off.

  • A polite greeting, offer of assistance, etc. was made within 5 feet.  

  • Staff was able to answer basic questions about the hotel (facilities, services, & hours of operations). 

  • When in service, guest room doors remained closed with a sign on the doorknob or the cart blocked the door.

  • Housekeeper was the last to speak, offered thanks or offer of additional assistance.

  • All Guest floor corridor kept clean and tidy.

  • The speed of service adapted to the environment and the needs of the guest.


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