Housekeeping Daily Routine Tasks Check-list

  • Room re-made and cleaned efficiently.

  • Allotted daily service completed by 6:00 PM (Timings depend upon hotel type)  

  • No items were removed from the guest room unless placed in the trash basket.

  • All flooring was swept/vacuumed.

  • Mirrors/pictures were free from dust and smudges.

  • Lamps, bulbs, shades and switches were free from dust, hair, streaks and fingerprints.

  • All bulbs, TV, Hair Dryer, Ipad / Ipod / Mobile Docking station were functional.

  • Bed tightly and neatly made. 

  • Guest money, jewellery, mobile, laptops, valuables and personal items left untouched.

  • Newspapers and magazines were stacked and left in plain view.

  • Guest clothing found on the bed or floor were folded and placed on bed or chair, clothing left on furniture was folded and left in place.

  • Shoes were paired and placed to the side.

  • All stationery and supplies restocked to par levels.

  • Laundry bag and order form were replaced and neatly presented.

  • All trash cans were emptied.

  • Sink, counter and mirror were wiped clean and spotless.

  • Tub and shower cleaned, no debris, dust, spots, stains or hair.

  • Toilet cleaned, no debris, dust, spots, stains or hair.

  • Used linens were removed and replaced.

  • Bathroom paper supplies restocked and Tissues re-pointed.

  • Glasses washed or replaced, Coffee machine set up, cleaned and restocked.

  • All Interior windows and window sills were free of dust, hair, streaks and fingerprints.

  • Appropriate lighting was left on and TV channel reset to welcome screen.


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