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Maintenance work order form used in housekeeping

In hotels, engineering and maintenance personnel begin their shifts work by examining the log book for repair work orders. Usually, Housekeeping department reports problems to engineering which was reported by guests, staffs such as HVAC ( Heating ventilation and air-conditioning) problems, faulty equipment, electrical issues, broken furniture, TV not working etc.

Many hotels use multiple-part work order forms to report maintenance issues. Format no:1 shown below is a sample maintenance work request form.

Once the work is completed the engineering department informs the department that filled the work request form. The work done by the maintenance is later checked by the housekeeping supervisor to make sure the work has been done properly or not. Format no:2 can be used to check the same.

Download Sample Formats 

Maintenance Job Order Format 1

Maintenance Job Order Format 2

Sample Maintenance Job Order Format

Maintenance Request format Sample - HOTELS | RESORTS


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