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Manager On Duty Report | MOD Report Sample

Sample Manager On Duty Report Or Night Manager Checklist

The manager on Duty or the Night manager is primarily responsible for seeing the well being of the hotel and its guests during the night time. Also Ensures the smooth and efficient operation of the hotel during the night shift.

Some of the Key Duties of the Manager on Duty  (MOD) are below:

  • Handle walked guests, guest concerns and resolve any problems experienced by guests or visitors in the absence of the relevant managers.

  • Be fully conversant with all statutory fire, legal, bomb, health and safety procedures and to take control in the event of an emergency.

  • Ensure the security of the hotel, it's guest and visitors through regular checks and patrols throughout the night in conjunction with set procedures.

  • Meet and escort all arriving VIP’s during night ensuring that their needs are satisfied.

  • Report any loss or damage to Hotel, guests or staff assets on the appropriate incident report form.

  • Conduct property rounds and prepare the Manager on Duty Report.

Find below sample Manager on Duty Report Format:

Download MOD Report Excel Format

Manager on Duty Report | Hotel MOD Report Sample