Front Desk Services Audit Check list for Check-in process

  • Staff well groomed, uniformed, name tag was present.

  • Staff did not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum.  

  • Staff maintained focus on guest, was not distracted.

  • All Guests are acknowledged with eye contact and smile within 10 feet, even if the guest waiting in line. 

  • Guest are not waiting in line for no longer than 5 to 8 minutes.

  • Front office team where staffed adequately and also as per the demand.

  • Staff spoke first and greeted the guests with an simile, welcoming comment within 5 feet.

  • Staff verified the guest's name and used it a minimum of two to three times during the interaction with the guest.

  • Registered guests were not asked for duplicate information.

  • Guest was discreetly asked how they would like to settle their account after their personal information was confirmed.

  • Details were verified including dates of visit, rate, room type, bed type, smoking preference, email address and billing method.

  • All special requests, relevant procedures were explained either on registration form or verbally.

  • Guest correspondence / messages / parcels were discreetly conveyed to the guest.

  • Staff are engaging guests in conversation during the check-in procedure.

  • Check-in of the guest shown on the Property Management system (PMS

  • Credit card pre-authorization done and cards returned back to the guest.

  • Key card in the jacket was presented, floor level was indicated, and other information within the key jacket was explained to guest.

  • Room number was discreetly provided to guest.

  • Guest Registration procedure accurately completed within 5 to 8 minutes (As per hotel standard or Hotel Type).

  • In case room is not ready, the other options were provided and agent offered refreshment at the coffee shop and also store luggage.

  • Front desk agent gave directions to room, and also offered assistance with the luggage.

  • Staff spoke last, offered an authentic departure greeting referring to the guest’s reason for stay, and thanked the guest.

  • Staff did not congregate or engage in personal conversation with other staff, no horseplay.


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