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Guest Feedback Format sample for Hotels and Restaurants

Despite hotels staff efficiency and attentiveness, guests will occasionally be disappointed or find fault with something at the hotel. Staff should anticipate guest complaints and devise strategies that help staff effectively resolve the situation.

Hotel staff should be attentive to guests with complaints and seek a timely and satisfactory resolution to the problem. Nothing upsets guests more than having their complaints been ignored or not listened too.

When guests find it easy to express their opinions, both the hotel and the guest is benefited out of it. The hotel learns of potential or actual problems and has the opportunity to resolve them. In the other hand you also will have a happy and satisfied customer.

One of the best way to identify guest complaints is by giving feed back forms to guests at the time of departure or by placing it on the guest room.

Feedback and suggestions of the guest about the hotel services, room, restaurants, staff etc. can be collected on this forms, And hotel can identify do necessary service recovery steps if required. Below you can find sample format of feedback form or guest perception detail used in hotels.

Download Sample Formats

Guest Feedback form sample 1

Guest Feedback form sample 2

Guest Feedback form sample 3

Restaurant Feedback form Sample - HTML  ( NEW!)

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