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Receipts samples used in hotels (Paid Out / Petty cash)

Paid outs are expenses made by the hotel on behalf of the guest and the same is later charged to the Guest room account or Invoice .Eg:- Doctor fees paid , Medicines purchased , Cash against Credit card , Stamp / Postal charges etc.

While posting a paid out to the guest account or folio a receipt is printed / generated with a unique serial number in duplicate. One copy is handed over to the guest and the second copy is kept on front office or send to accounts.

As this process involves withdrawal of cash from the front office float staff can sometime misuse with paid out. To avoid this usually the staff / Front office assistant’ should get authorisation from the Duty manager or Front office manager on each paid out which they generate. 

Below you can download few sample copies of Paid out receipts, Deposit receipt and other types of receipts used in hotel.

Download Sample Paidout Formats:

Paidout receipt Sample 1

Paidout receipt Sample2

Paidout receipt Sample3

Paidout receipt Sample4

Payment Receipt

Deposit Receipt

Paid out Receipt Sample - Hotels