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Currency Exchange receipt format and procedure in hotels

Foreign currency exchange and traveller's cheque exchange is a facility offered to their guests by the hotel. Usually, hotels have a tie-up with authorized currency exchange dealers like Thomas Cook etc. and do the exchange on their behalf after procuring a license for the same. Front desk staff should follow the SOP for Foreign currency exchange while handling currency exchange request by the guest.

These dealers send currency exchange rate to the hotel on a daily basis, which is updated on their software and also displayed on the cashier desk.

Some hotels provide this facility only for in-house guest, this can also depend upon the government regulation on that particular region where the hotel is located.

The hotel may also charge a commission percentage on top of the normal exchange rate as a fee to the service provided to the guest.

Download Sample Currency Exchange Formats

Currency Exchange Format 1

Currency Exchange Format 2

Currency Exchange Format 3 

Currency Exchange Format 4

SOP for Foreign Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange receipt sample

Currency exchange receipt hotels / Tourism / resorts

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