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Inventory Valuation Sheet

Inventory Valuation Sheet 

Inventory valuation is an F&B controller practice that is followed by many hotels to find out the value of unsold inventory stock at the time they are preparing their yearly stock and inventory audit. Inventory stock is an asset for any hotel organisation, and to record it in the balance sheet, it needs to have a financial value. This value can help you determine your inventory turnover ratio, which in turn will help you to plan your purchasing decisions.

To give you an example, in the hotel and restaurants business and you’re left with 10 bottles of wine at the end of the year, then you need to calculate their financial item purchase amount, Item value (sell price), Inventory value (high or low based on price inflation) and record it in your balance sheet. Find below example Valuation Sheet used in hotels. 

Download: Inventory Valuation Sheet Format in Excel 

Download: Inventory Valuation Sheet Format in Word

Inventory Valuation Sheet
Unit Name:_______________ Inventory Date:____________
Counted By:_______________ Extended By:______________
Item Unit Item Amount ($) Item Value Inventory Value ($)
Wine Bottle (Red) 20 200 500 300
Wine Bottle (White) 20 250 700 400
Tomato Ketchup 5 50 50
Apple Juice 10 100 25
10 25 100 25
Pinaple Juice 10 25 100 25
Page Total
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