Room Service Order Taker Audit checklist.

  • Room Service was available 24 X 7.

  • Order taker answered the phone within 3 rings.

  • Phone answered with a warm and sincere greeting of the day. 

  • Room number, name and the number of guests partaking was verified.

  • The guest name was used at least one time during the conversation.

  • Permission asked to place call on hold, and order taker waited for the response.

  • Placed on hold for less than 30 seconds, thanks to extended for holding.

  • Minimal background noise, interruptions was heard while ordering.

  • Order taker was pleasant, not impatient or mechanical.

  • Order taker was able to recommend items and any daily specials or promotions.

  • Order taker was knowledgeable of menu items and preparation, particularly of vegetarian dishes and any food items that may contain common allergens.

  • Order taker was knowledgeable of bottled wines and wine by the glass.

  • Order taker was aware of unavailable items and offered an alternative.

  • Special requests were met with an everything is possible attitude.

  • Additional menu items were offered (Juice, wine, dessert etc.) to go along with meal.

  • Order taker anticipated guest’s needs and asked relevant questions.

  • Order taker spoke clearly and used full sentences.

  • Order was repeated to ensure accuracy, offered additional items before quoting delivery time.

  • Guest was advised of the actual time that the order would be delivered, 20 minutes for breakfast and 30 minutes for lunch and dinner.

  • Order taker was the last one to speak (kind comment, etc.).

  • The speed of service adapted to the environment and the needs of the guest.


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