Audit checklist for BAR and Lobby Lounge cleanliness and condition.

  • Lobby Lounge / Bar was free from bad smell and odours.

  • The temperature was on comfort zone. 

  • Environment felt secure and comfortable.

  • Channel Music was ON and hid the kitchen noises, but did not impede conversations.

  • Music played was also appropriate to the venue theme or tempo.

  • For live musical performances, the entertainers were dressed and behaved appropriately.

  • Light fixtures were fully illuminated, no burned out bulbs.

  • Floor and carpet were free of stains and debris.

  • Floor and carpet were not damaged.

  • Walls and ceilings were free of chips, scuffs or marks.

  • All mirrors were polished and free of smudges.

  • All windows were free of smudges, streaks and spots.

  • Plant and floral decorations were fresh.

  • Tables and chairs were sturdy, free of wear and unsoiled.

  • Table cloth and linens were not soiled and damaged.

  • Glassware was free of spots and smudges.

  • All Glassware was free of spots and smudges.

  • Glassware was free of chips, cracks, scratches and wear.

  • Beverage menu was current, not soiled and not damaged.

  • All memorabilia displays were free of dust and fingerprints.


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