Pool side and Beach area Beverage Service Standards

  • Servers actively circulated routinely throughout pool and beach areas.

  • Servers promoted beverages by making consistent offers and recommendations to guests.  

  • All Special requests were met with an everything is possible attitude.

  • Beverage served was consistent in taste and appearance.

  • Beverage served at appropriate temperatures.

  • Beverage garnishes fresh and consistent.

  • Beverage tasted appealing.

  • Beverages served in plastic-ware only near pool and beach side.

  • Check or bills neatly presented in 3 minutes in a clean folder with a hotel/restaurant pen.

  • Check or bills were accurately totalled, properly itemized, no missing items.

  • Payment was collected and processed within 5 minutes.

  • Server returned with change or charge slip within 3 minutes.

  • If available, guest name was used.

  • Server was the last one to speak (kind comment, invitation to return, etc.) and guest was thanked.

  • Staff did not congregate or engage in personal conversation with other staff, no horseplay.

  • Servers were always well groomed, uniformed, name tag was present.

  • Staff did not eat, drink, smoke or chew gum. 

  • The speed of service adapted to the environment and the needs of the guest.


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