SOP – Housekeeping – Packing For Out Of Order Rooms

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Packing Out Of Order Rooms

When a room is deemed out of order, it is important that the housekeeping staff is aware of the proper procedures for packing up the belongings of the guests who are staying in that room. First and foremost, staff should always wear gloves when handling any personal items left in the room. It is also important to handle all items with care and respect, as they belong to the guests and may hold sentimental value.

Before packing any items, staff should take inventory of what is in the room and ensure that all items are accounted for. This includes checking the safe, drawers, and closets for any forgotten items. Once all items are accounted for, they should be carefully packed into boxes and labelled with the guest’s name and room number.

If the guest has already checked out, staff should attempt to contact them to inform them of the situation and arrange for the return of their belongings. If the guest cannot be reached, the items should be stored securely until the guest can be contacted.

Overall, the packing of personal items in out-of-order rooms should be handled with the utmost care and professionalism to ensure that the guest’s belongings are treated with respect and returned to them in a timely manner.

Below are a few reasons why the room is taken under Out of Order ( OOO ):

  • A/C leakage
  •  Bathroom leak
  •  Ceiling leak
  •  Carpet replace
  •  Window Glass broken
  •  Repainting
  •  False ceiling repair
  •  Room Ceiling Fungus appearing
  •  Blockage / Leakage in bathroom etc.
  •  The housekeeping department is responsible for packing the guest for the maintenance team to start their work.

Packing helps to protect and prevent other areas in the rooms from damage due to dust, moisture, paint, etc.

Depending upon each kind of maintenance activity the room boy should pack the room.

The below items are packed in most cases:

  • All the furniture
  •  Guest supplies
  •  Accessories
  •  I pad-dock
  •  TV
  •  Home Theatre/surround systems.
  •  Room Lightning and Temperature Control Systems.
  •  Drapery
  •  Linen
  •  All fittings & fixtures and heavy items like a bed are to be covered.
  •  Carpet to be either rolled or covered with plastic or discarded sheets.
  •  W/C seat to be covered and tied with polythene.
  •  Heavy items
  •  Fixtures.
  •  All artwork, lamps.
  •  Fittings have to be covered and kept aside. 
  •  The entire carpet has to be covered wall to wall.
  •  Strip the bed of all linen.
  •  Mattress protector, curtain swag, bed valence & bed cover to be sent for dry-cleaning.
  •  Pillows, shower curtains, and small items are to be packed, numbered and kept in the store.
  •  All supplies & stationery are to be packed numbered and stored.
  •  Small furniture to be numbered and kept in the store.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. Who is responsible for packing guest rooms for maintenance work?

Q2. Give a few examples of taking rooms under OOO status.

Q3. How to protect the room carpet during maintenance work?
SOP Number: Housekeeping SOP - 28 
Department: Housekeeping – Guest Rooms
Time to Train: 30 Minutes
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