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10 Commandments of Hotel Fire Safety

10 Commandments of Hotel Fire Safety

  1. Make certain that portable fire extinguishers are properly located and mounted; of the correct type and size, and properly identified, and fully charged and maintained.

  2. Train all employees in the proper use of portable fire extinguishers.

  3. Train employees in conducting a guest evacuation of your banquet/rooms/restaurants.

  4. Post emergency telephone numbers in appropriate locations.

  5. Paths of exit must be unobstructed, well lit, equipped with emergency lighting and exit signs.

  6. Do not permit the accumulation of refuse or rubbish. Follow recognized housekeeping procedures.

  7. Clean your kitchen hood, filters, and duct of grease accumulation.

  8. Have your kitchen hood’s automatic fire protection system inspected and serviced by qualified persons every six months.

  9. Has your automatic sprinkler system inspected annually?

  10. Inspect your electrical system for frayed wiring, prohibited use of extension cords, overloading of circuits, clearance around motors to prevent overheating, and ready accessibility to all electrical panels.