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Kitchen Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for cleaning the Mobile Hot Box. What are the steps for cleaning and maintaining mobile hot box?

Stewarding SOP for Cleaning Mobile Hot Box

SOP Number: Kitchen / F&B Production SOP – 42

Department: Stewarding Staff

Date Issued: 10-Mar-2019

Time to Train: 30 Minutes

Purpose of this SOP:

To obtain the best efficiency, quality and performance of the machine, always follow the cleaning and care instructions adviced by the manufacturer of the mobile hot box. The stewarding staff should make sure to safely and hygienically clean the mobile hot box to achieve consistent results every time.

The Executive Chef and Stewarding Manager should be responsible to ensure that appropriate kitchen equipment cleaning and maintenance methods are followed by the stewarding staff. The hotel training and HRD department should develop and implement proper written Kitchen Stewarding SOP's to ensure the same is implemented correctly throughout all the food preparation outlets.

Do's and Dont's while cleaning mobile hot box:

Note: This SOP is for reference or example only, always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for your's and others safety, and also to avoid any injury while operating this equipment.

  • All surfaces of the Mobile Hot Box are to be cleaned on a daily basis.

  • Disconnect the cabinet from the power source, and let the unit cool.

  • Put the heater on a secure place (away from the damp/wet place) and roll the cable properly.

  • Remove all detachable items such as shelves, side racks, and drip pan and clean these items separately.

  • Dismantle all the shelving racks and wash them outside.

  • Clean the interior metal surfaces of the cabinet with a damp clean cloth and any good alkaline or alkaline chlorinated based commercial detergent or grease solvent at the recommended strength.

  • Spray with hot water and then cleanly wash them before drying.

  • Sanitize with chlorine.

  • Reinstall all the shelving racks and the heater.

  • Clean the exterior surfaces with lime away.

  • Use a plastic scouring pad or oven cleaner for difficult areas.

  • Rinse carefully to remove all residue and wipe dry.

  • Wash the door gasket with hot soapy water and rinse.

  • To help maintain the protective film coating on polished stainless steel, clean the exterior of the cabinet with a cleaner recommended for stainless steel surfaces.

  • Spray the cleaning agent on a clean cloth and wipe with the grain of the stainless steel.

  • Always avoid the use of abrasive cleaning compounds, chloride based cleaners, or cleaners containing quaternary salts.

  • Never use hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid) on stainless steel.

  • It is sufficient to wipe the plastic components with a soft cloth using warm water (Not to Exceed 140°F/60°C) to which has been added diluted detergent.

  • The detergent used must have a low alkaline value and contain a very low percentage of caustic soda.

  • The detergent must not exceed the dilution rate recommended by the supplier.

  • After cleaning these components, wipe down with a soft cloth using clear water.

  • Make sure that all plastic components are thoroughly dried before using.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. What are the steps for cleaning the mobile hot box?

Q3. Why it is important to use care while cleaning the mobile hot box?

Q4. How to sanitize the mobile hot box?

Q5. How to clean the interior metal surfaces of the hot box?

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