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SOP - Laundry - Packing and Delivery Of Guest Laundry

SOP Number: HK-37 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Housekeeping – Laundry

Date Issued: 10-Apr-2021

Time to Train: 15 Minutes

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all the guest laundry are neatly folded packed as per the request by the guest. The laundry manager or Laundry valet should also ensure to deliver the laundry promptly to the guest room.

Standard procedures for Packing Of Guest Laundry:

  • Fetch the fresh laundry from a pigeonhole with the Laundry copy list.

  • Tick every item to ensure the number of pieces is correct.

  • Remove marking tags from fabric.

  • Pair the socks.

  • Insert underwear in plastic bags first. Placing socks and handkerchiefs on top.

  • Shirts are packed in a separate bag and are placed on top of the laundry item.

  • Every laundered hanging garment is placed according to Room No.

  • Label each hanging item with a hanger.

  • Room nos. is written on one laundry bag.

Standard procedures for Delivery Of Guest Laundry:

  • Place all ready packages and hanging garments in the queue according to the sequence of floors from top to bottom.

  • Count the number of package and hangers-on trolley.

  • The total number of package and hangers should match the delivery record.

  • The valet is counting all packages and hanging items on every floor pantry.

  • Before starting delivery assure nothing is missing.

  • Check the number on the room door to assure you are not entering the wrong room.

  • Check the door to see if there is a DND sign on the door.

  • Place the DND information card under the door with the date and time.

DND Card Format Sample

  • Enter the room (If the guest allows only). Put all hanging items into the wardrobe and the package can be placed on the luggage shelf.

  • Leave the room thanking the guest and wishing him a pleasant stay.

  • Close the door for the guest.

  • Don’t stay in the room for too long.

  • In case there is no guest in the room, look for a room attendant to open the room.

Laundry Packing and Delivery Training Summary questions:

Q1. Explain the process of packing guest laundry?

Q2. Explain the process of delivery of guest laundry?

Q3. What needs to be done in case the room is put under DND?

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