SOP – Housekeeping – Extra bed and sofa bed making

SOP Number: HK - 07 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: HousekeepingGuest Room


Time to Train: 20 Minutes

Make extra beds / Rollaway beds:

  • Only Sheets and blankets are used for making the extra bed.

  • Refer the room boy allocation sheet to find out which the list room numbers where the extra bed to be placed.

  • The procedure for making an extra bed is similar to that of standard bed making.

  • Place the blanket and tuck it and the top sheets tightly at the foot and then on both sides of the bed.

  • Bed sheets may be larger than the extra bed mattress and may require special care when tucking on all sides to give a smooth appearance.

  • Place the pillows neatly on the bed and check the overall appearance of the bed.

Sofa / Wall Bed:
  • Check the room allocation sheet to find out if a wall bed to be set up.

  • Be careful to avoid injury when opening sofa beds/wall beds.

  • Check the room allocation sheet to find out if a wall bed to be set up.

  • A wall bed folds up into the wall and looks like a bookshelf when folded.

  • If a guest plans to use the room during the daytime then remove the pillows from the sofa-bed and then fold it into a sofa.

  • Place the pillows on the closet shelf or on the drawer below the luggage rack.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What are all supplies used to make an extra bed?

Q2. How to identify the list of rooms who had requested for Rollaway / Extra bed?      

Q3. What can be done when the bed sheet size is larger than the extra bed?

Q4. Why one has to be careful while opening sofa beds/wall beds?

Q5. What has to be done if the guest plans to use the room during daytime?


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