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Concierge / Bell Desk - Valet Parking Procedure

SOP Number: Front Office SOP – 50

Department: Concierge - Valet Parking

Date Issued: 5-Aug-2018

Time to Train: 15 Minutes

Valet parking standard procedure:

  • The purpose of this sop is to provide a professional service in the parking of the guest's vehicle.

  • That concierge or bell staff responsible for parking the car should perform the task efficiently without damage, thereby ensuring that the guest feels safe and secure.

  • The Chief Concierge or Supervisor to be standing on the porch area, with their back to the hotel entrance.

  • Valets should stand on both the right and left side of the driveway.

  • As soon as a car enters the porch, a valet parker must begin to approach the car in order to be ready to open the car door for the guest.

  • Most of the hotel's guests will have a driver, therefore the valet assistants approach should be to the passenger's door first and then secondly to the driver's door.

  • Greet the guest as per the time of the day eg: “Good Morning / Afternoon / Evening Sir/Madam" and say "Welcome to [Your Hotel Name]".

  • Always greet the guest with a warm smile, positive body language in order to make the guest feel welcomed.

  • Open the car door and smile to the guest genuinely.

  • Offer to help the guest getting out of the car.

  • Carefully close the door once the guest is out, and never slam the door.

  • Ask the guests driver if he wants to have the car parked.

  • Inquire with the front desk if the guest is staying with us and write “I” in case of in-house or overnight guest & “D” in case of day guest.

  • Once you have confirmed that the guest wants their car valet, give the bottom half of valet tag to the guest.

  • The top half of the valet parking ticket to be attached to the key.

  • Hand over the guest the valet parking slip and write the guests name on the slip and inform that the vehicle will be released on the presentation of this slip.

  • Park the car according to the policy of your hotel.

  • Once the vehicle is parked, complete the details on the valet tag.

  • Return the valet tag to the doorman or concierge desk.

  • The guest vehicle key to be placed into the system by the supervisor on duty.

  • Each key must have a completed valet tag attached to it.

Other points to note while valet parking the guest's car:

  • Carefully examine the car for any visible marks i.e. dents, damage light etc.

  • In case any dents or damage to the car then the same need to be noted on the log book as well as inform the security supervisor.

  • Sign on the valet slip, in the valet parking logbook, your name for reference.

  • Ensure all windows/doors of the vehicle to be parked are locked.

  • Take note that no valuables are visible whilst parking the car e.g. cash, mobile phone, jewellery etc.

  • If any valuables are noted inside the car, notify the guest and the duty Manager and Duty security.

  • Record the name, type of car, the car number plate and the zone to which the car will be parked.

  • Place the keys in the valet parking envelopes and the keys in the valet drawer cabinet locked in the valet desk.

  • At the end of the shift, a list of all the cars still parked to be made and a copy to be given to security. 

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. Who should be standing at the portico to welcome the guest?

Q3. How to greet the guest when they arrive at the portico?

Q4. Explain the steps for valet parking?

Q5. What are the other points to check while valet parking guest vehicle?

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