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Concierge / Bell Desk - How to prepare for your shift?

SOP Number: Front Office SOP – 49

Department: Concierge - Preparation before the shift

Date Issued: 2-Aug-2018

Time to Train: 15 Minutes

Preparation before beginning the shift:

  1. Staff to be prepared in order to assist guest by delivering professional service.

  2. Collect relevant information, follow the checklist and taking proper handover and follow up on pending issues/traces.

  3. Read the concierge daily diary and the supervisor’s logbook.

  4. Check for any events for the day and ensure adequate staffing.

  5. Check arrival transportation requirements for current day and next day.

  6. Print and check the concierge trace report for the current day and next day, crosscheck with the previous shift for any clarifications. 

  7. Print and Check the Guest in-house by room number report (for night shift for newspaper delivery).

  8. Check the group arrivals and departures for the day.

  9. Check the staffing for the shift and update the handover sheet.

  10. Organize the desk and have sufficient stationery.

  11. Check e-mails and act accordingly.

  12. Check the left luggage room and left parcel logbook and update accordingly.

  13. Check cleanliness of luggage room and trolleys.

  14. File reports for the day.

  15. Check the parking cards.

  16. Check the follow-up or action sheet for follow-ups and action accordingly.

  17. Check the showrooms for the day.

  18. Check the Rooms Available.

  19. Check the due outs, dayuse and any estimated check out time.

  20. Check for any reported scandy baggage guests.

  21. Check for the group folder for the group's arrival, group departure and any understand any special requests/remarks.

  22. Check the current day's meetings and Conferences and special remarks/arrangements.

  23. Check for all V.I.P.’s moment for the day and in-house VIP's.

  24. Check for the information about any car and bike rental.

  25. Check for any complaints, incidents and follow-ups on the log book.

  26. Check for any lost & founds reported for the day.

  27. Check for anything that is useful or necessary to know for the team.

  28. Take over the Key's from the previous shift and sign the key register.

  29. Take hand over from the previous shift in charge.

  30. Take over any cash from the previous shift.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. Who is a Scandy Baggage?

Q3. What all report need to be checked before the shift handover?

Q4. Why it is important to check all VIP moments?

Q5. What are the points to check while taking over the shift at Bell Desk/Concierge?

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