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Concierge / Bell Desk - Guest Paging Procedure

SOP Number: Front Office SOP – 48

Department: ConciergeGuest Paging

Date Issued: 24-Jul-2018

Time to Train: 20 Minutes

What is Paging?

  1. Paging is the process of locating a guest in a given area within the hotel premises.

  2. The concierge or bell desk team then writes the guest details on the paging board and deploys a bell boy to do the paging with the board.

  3. In earlier days the paging board had bells which draw the attention of the guest when it is shaken.

  4. Nowadays the hotels use digital paging boards with LCD or LED display or simply a large Android or iOS tablet.

Standard Process for paging guests:

  1. The purpose of this SOP is to page the guest in a professional and friendly manner.

  2. While writing the guest name on to the paging board, repeat the name of the guest to confirm the spelling.

  3. Guest could also miss his paging because of any wrong spelling.

  4. Don’t use salutation as the names can be misleading at times.

  5. Check on the computer if the guest has left a locator a special functionality in which the current location of the guest is updated on to the guest's reservations.

  6. locator - This new function is commonly found on the hotel's property management system (PMS).

  7. If the guest has left a locator on his reserver then contact the guest.

  8. When a request to page a guest is made, advise the caller to hold while the paging is taking place or take down the message from the caller as per the hotels standard.

  9. Have the guest name clearly typed in block letters on a clear page and place it on the paging board.

  10. Check and recheck the spellings, nobody likes to see their name is spelt wrong.

  11. The bell boy then walks to the specified areas mentioned below.

  12. Page for the guest in all restaurants, poolside, gym, games arena, the beach area etc..

  13. The paging board is held up so that it is in clear view of all the guests.

  14. The bell on the paging board when rings draw the attention of the guest, some have manual bells while others have electric or battery operated.

  15. When the guest is found pass on the message if the guest is not found, leave the message in the guest room.

  16. When the guest is found if the caller is holding the telephone line then, the bell boy should escort the guest to the place where the telephone is located. 

  17. For emergency or distressing messages, the hotel Duty Manager should contact the guest when located and deliver the message discreetly.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. What is paging?

Q3. What is the procedure in case the message contains sad news?

Q4. Explain the key points while writing down the guest name?

Q5. What is a locator, explain its function?

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