Handling Check-in and Check-out for Disabled Guests

SOP Number: Front Office SOP – 46

Department: Concierge - Etiquettes and Manners

Date Issued: 22-Jul-2018

Time to Train: 20 Minutes

Disabled Guest Special Treatment While Check-in or Check-out:

  1. The reception or the front desk team should provide special assistance and care while check-in or check-out is done for guest with a special need or disabled guests.

  2. The specially designed disabled room should be blocked for such guests, and a note or trace to be put on the reservation to do not de-block the room for other guests.

  3. The front desk staff should provide assistance in filling out the registration form and passport, visa details etc.

  4. In some hotels, an in-room check-in and check-out facilities are provided for such guests.

  5. Ask for the method of wake-up, pick-up of luggage, if help is required when the guest needs to leave the room.

  6. While check-in the receptionist calls the General Manager or Resident manager and hand over the keys to the GM or RM, they will guide the guest to the room.

  7. Depending on the guest, the General manager will show all the facilities in the room, including the bathroom.

  8. The General manager will emphasize to the guest that he/she can call the reception anytime by using the phone (dial 0) or by pulling the cord or pressing the switch in the bathroom.

  9. During the stay of a disabled guest, all departments will do their utmost to make the stay as comfortable as possible.

  10. A pro-active attitude is required while handling guests with disabilities.

  11. In case there is a disabled guest staying in the room, this will be mentioned in all departments shift briefings and also informed to the hotel security department.

  12. In case of an alarm raised from the disabled guest room then the adequate reaction of the staff present should be ensured.

  13. An In-room check-out option is provided for disabled guests, but the billing process is done like any other check-out.

  14. In case any assistance is required, the receptionist will provide this.

  15. The front desk team should make sure that such guests are treated with the same respect as any other guest.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. What are the expected services provided by the front desk team for disabled guests?

Q3. Whom should be informed which check-in/out of disabled guests?

Q4. How can the disabled guest contact the front desk in case of an emergency?

Q5. Should the front desk provide in-room check-in and check-out facilities for disabled guests?