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Concierge Left Luggage Handover Procedure  

SOP Number: FO – 41

Department: Concierge - Left Luggage Handover Procedure 

Date Issued: 16-Jul-2018

Time to Train: 20 Minutes

Left Luggage Handover Procedure:

  • There is a designated luggage room where guests may store their luggage during their stay or until their next stay or visit.

  • Documented evidence exists for luggage control /storage & return items stored are tagged individually.

  • The Concierge team member will write the name, room number and pick-up date at the tag.

  • A tag is issued, showing individual receipt number and baggage details which are handed over to the guest.

  • Always hand over luggage carefully as per the guest instructions.

  • All guest luggage and other guest items to be stored and handover in a secure manner.

  • Receive the luggage tag from the guest for verification.

  • Identify and verify that the tag is corresponding to the details in the log book.

  • Ask the guest for a brief description of the luggage.

  • Evidence exists to show that luggage is only released upon receipt of a valid and matching luggage tag.

  • The receptionist will take both tags, from the luggage as well as from the guest, and throw it away.

  • If a guest does not have a luggage tag, you will let the Front Desk Manager handle it.

  • Guests and porters do not have direct access to the luggage room.

  • For security reasons, normally all hotels do not allow left luggage facilities for non-hotel guests.

  • Handover the luggage to the guest as per the concierge standard procedure.

  • In case of delivery, fill out the acknowledgement receipt.

  • File the acknowledgement receipt in the file after delivery.

  • Take the receiving signature on counter receipt section of the left luggage or luggage storage form.

  • Inform the Chief concierge that the task is completed.

  • Always check/verify the details and then only handover the luggage.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. Where are the guest's luggage stored?

Q3. What are the details to note on left luggage form?

Q4. Explain the verification process before handing over the guest luggage?

Q5. Why the left luggage facility is not extended to non-resident guests?

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