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Handling Restaurant Table Reservation Requests at Concierge

SOP Number: FO – 40

Department: Concierge - Handling Restaurant Reservation Request 

Date Issued: 15-Jul-2018

Time to Train: 20 Minutes

Handling Restaurant Reservation Request:

  • Check if guest has decided which restaurant is to be booked.

  • If the guest is undecided, suggest restaurants based on their preference (Cuisine, Ambiance, location).

  • Always suggest hotel’s own restaurants first before suggesting any other restaurants near to the hotel's location.

  • Get the details of the reservation from the guest.

  • Guest details like Guest Name, Room number, contact number, Date, Preferred time - the number of diners and any special requests.

  • Call the restaurant and check for availability. If available, confirm the reservation and inform guest.

In the Concierge reservation book note down the below details:

  1. Name of the Guest.

  2. Room Number of the Guest.

  3. Restaurant Name & Location.
  4. The number of pax or covers.

  5. Date of reservation.

  6. Time of reservation.

  7. Contact number.

  8. E-mail address.

  9. Special request (smoking/ non-smoking, vegetarian, baby chair required, wheelchair-bound, special table request etc.)

  10. Repeat reservation.

  11. Write your name for reference.

  • If reservation not possible as per guests requirements then check other options and get back to the guest.

  • Always reconfirm reservation details with the guest.

  • Make restaurant reservations as per guest requirements.

  • If reservation request made by phone then replace the phone and do not slam the phone.

  • The concierge staff should be able to give accurate and relevant information.

  • The Concierge staff should assist the guest with restaurant reservations request as per the hotel's SOP.

  • Thank the guest for making the reservation and say "Looking forward to seeing you soon Mr. or Mrs (use guest name whenever possible)".

  • Always wish a nice day or afternoon or evening while ending the conversation.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. Suggestion/tips if the guest has not decided which restaurant to book?

Q3. What are the details to note on the restaurant reservation register?

Q4. What needs to be done if the reservation request is not possible as per the guest's request?

Q5. Explain the process of restaurant reservation request by the concierge team?

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