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SOP - Front Office – Discount Vouchers and Gift Certificates

SOP Number: FO – 29

Department: Front OfficeCashier

Date Issued: 13-May-2014

Time to Train: 40 Minutes

Gift certificates or vouchers are treated like a cash, The guest who is carrying a valid voucher or gift certificate is entitled to get a credit on the invoice or mentioned service with a discount or free of cost.

  • All Gift Certificates will is sold at the Front Desk. The Front Office Manager is responsible for ensuring that an adequate supply of Gift Certificates and special discount voucher are on hand at all times.

    • All pre-printed Gift Certificates and vouchers will be issued by the Accounts department to the Front Desk.

  • A Gift Certificates issued by the hotel must include the following:

  1. Date of purchase

  2. Expiration date.

  3. Serial Number.

  4. Exact value of the certificate in local currency.

  5. Exact discount percentage or entitled services.

  6. Authorized signature (signature of the issuing Front Desk).

  7. Hotel Seal

  • Gift Certificates Issued to Companies or Travel agents must include the following:

  1. Date of purchase / issue.

  2. Serial number.

  3. Hotel name and Contact number.

  4. Exact value of the certificate in local currency.

  5. Exact discount percentage or entitled services.

  6. Authorized signature ( Signed by Sales Manager or Director of Sales)

  • If the voucher not generated from PMS, then the photo copy of the Corporate Gift Certificate or details like serial number issued to should be passed on to the front desk cashier so the voucher can be updated on to the Property management system.

  • Before passing a credit for the guest account front desk cashier should always check the validity and other details on the gift certificate.

  • Each Gift Certificate should be posted on the Gift Certificate City Ledger account. The Gift Certificate number should be listed in the required reference field.

  • Change should not be returned to the guest for any amount (difference between Gift Certificate value and balance due on check or folio).

  • Gift Certificates are not refundable and exchangeable with other guests.

  • Night Auditor should cross check all voucher or gift certificate with the credit entry shown on the guest folio. The credit entry should always match with the gift certificate value.

  • If there is any discrepancy found then further investigation need to be done and the same to informed to the management team.

  • The Gift Certificate Policy will be set my the hotel management and monitored by the financial controller.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. Who is responsible for issuing offline gift certificates?

Q2. What all need to present on a gift certificate issued by hotel?

Q3. Who should be responsible for online gift coupons and discount vouchers?

Q4. What should be done if the voucher value is greater than the folio balance?

Q5. Who should cross check all the voucher settlements for the day?

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