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SOP - Front Office - How to Check guest car before pick-up

SOP Number: FO - 25 (SOP serial number and department code)

Department: Front OfficeTravel Desk / Concierge

Date Issued: 27-April-2014

Time to Train: 45 Minutes

Check Grooming & Personal Hygiene of Drivers:

  • Drivers are the first point of contact with the guest.

  • They represent the hotel and the company

  • Uniform to be crisp, clean and well ironed

    • Well shaved

    • Hair and mustache to be trimmed

  • Deodorant to be applied

  • Shoes to be well polished

  • Nails to be clipped

  • No chewing of pan / gutka.

  • Avoid smoking, Need to wash hands and mouth refreshments to be taken.

Check for Driver and Vehicle documents:

  • Driving license

  • Vehicle Registration paper.

  • Validity of vehicle Insurance. 

  • Pen and a small note pad

  • Name tag.

Check Car Condition:

  • Check car service due date.

  • Car to be clean and washed from outside.

  • All windows / screens should be cleaned.

  • Seat covers to be clean.

  • Car should be smelling fresh.

  • The front seat of the car should always be pulled to the front to the maximum.

  • Check Tyre pressure and Wheel rim to be washed.

  • Radiator coolant level.

  • Fuel Level ( Low / Med / Full).

  • Engine oil level.

  • Window washer water lever and Wiper working.

  • Check A/C working condition.

  • Check Music system and CD / USB as per hotel standard.

  • First Aid Kit.

  • Fire Extinguisher.

Check Car Facilities:

  • Trip Sheet / Duty Slip

  • Daily newspaper to be in place – neatly folded & placed in the back pocket of the drivers seat.

  • Choice of Magazines as per hotel standard should be kept on other seat pocket.

  • Local city guide book which shows places of interest map etc.

  • 2 Note pad and pen to be kept in a folder.

  • Car air freshener should be present.

  • 2 Box of tissue paper.

  • 2 bottles of mineral water(room temperature), 2 Soft drink, 4 Cold towel

  • The front seat of the car should always be pulled to the front to the maximum

  • Seat pockets should be cleaned.

  • Coat Hangers

  • Mobile Car Charges and Pins.

Check the placard:

  • The board and the handle rod to be clean.

  • The paper on which details are printed to be clean and free of creases & folds.

  • The hotels name with the logo to be printed bold and clear.

  • The full name guest to be printed with salutation and without any spelling mistakes.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. Why should we check grooming & personal hygiene?

Q2. What should be checked in grooming & personal hygiene?

Q3. What should the driver be checked for?

Q4. What should be checked in the car?

Q5. What should one check on the placard?