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SOP – Booking enquiry for sold out dates

SOP Number: FO - 23 (SOP serial number and department code)

Department: Front Office - Reservation

Date Issued: 29-March-2014

Time to Train: 15 Minutes

  • Very often in hotels reservation agents gets booking enquiry for dates when either the hotel is sold out or certain room types.

  • Note down guest name, mobile number, Arrival and departure date and room type requested by the guest on the reservation form.

  • Explain to the guest / booker that the hotel or the specific room type which they have requested for is fully booked.

  • Try to be transparent with the guest and provide the reasons for this. Eg: "I am extremely sorry Mr. Ralph the hotel is fully booked on those dates there is a Doctor’s conference held at the hotel"

  • Always provide alternate solution for regular guests, hotel loyalty program members, bookings from top company / travel agent accounts and those guests who was denied reservation earlier also.

If the room type is sold out then:

  • Explain other types of rooms which are available on the requested period.

  • Try and up sell higher category room to the guest.

  • In case a of VIP guest or higher tier loyalty program member, then provide a upgrade to higher category.

  • Providing upgrade may depend as per hotel policy, in some case an approval from Front office manager / Reservation manger is required to approve an upgrade request.

If Hotel is sold out then:

  • Ask the guest if she would like to change the dates of the reservation to an alternative date.

  • Offer alternative date "We would have room available from the 10th onwards”

  • Offer the choice of sister hotel in the city when possible or similar hotels of the same category.

  • Arrange for a reservation in the sister hotel if the guests is OK with this offer and confirm back to the guest once the reservation is made.

  • Take reservation on a waitlisted basis and assure the guest that we will get back to him as soon as there is an any availability due to cancellations or amendments.

  • Offer guest about details of other hotel alternative same level of service and pricing.

  • Offer any other assistance and ensure the guest of priority the next time. 

  • Make sure to record this enquire as turned down business or turn away after applying appropriate turn away reasons.

  • Wish the guest a nice day ahead.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What all details to note down when guest calls up the reservation department?

Q2. Is it required to inform the guest about the reason why the hotel is sold out?

Q3. What can be done if room type is sold out?

Q4. Steps to be taken when Hotel is sold out?

Q5. Why it is important to record the turn away details correctly?