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SOP –Handling Group Check-in in Front Office

SOP Number: FO-06 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Front OfficeReception


Time to Train: Estimated time for training

On Check in / Arrival Date:

1) Always designate a Group Coordinator from the Front Desk prior to arrival.

2) Liaise constantly with the sales Group coordinator for information.

3) Check that Arrival Registration cards have been prepared for the group along with the rooming list for signature.

4) Check all Relevant correspondence has been read and briefed during the staff briefing.

5) Check Group Billing instructions and cross check the billing instructions entered on the Property management software.

6) Once Priority group rooms have been allocated, cut rooms keys for arrival.

7) If Group is arriving at one time then all rooms must be allocated and all keys cut.

8) The number of keys per room must match with the occupancy of the room.

9) Insert Key Cards into key card Jacket and place on the tray along with rooming list.

10) Print traces report for Front office and read the instructions given.

11) Choose an appropriate group check in area according to the following:

  • Size of the Group

  • Block / Wing the group is staying

  • Transport to the hotel

  • Time of  check in

12) Registration cards along with Keys should be kept in Alphabetical order.

13) Sufficient stationary / Pens must be kept ready for guests to sign their registration cards.

14) Welcome Drinks and cold towels should be prepared so they may be served on arrival. And accurate number of Drinks to be pre ordered so that the room service supervisor is aware of this requirement.

15) The Bell Desk / Concierge must be kept informed of the group arrival time and the following needs should be coordinated:

  • Luggage Tags are ready.

  • Luggage delivery plan is organized.

16) Their Duty Roster has been prepared taking into consideration the group’s size and Arrival Time.

17) All changes with the group arrival time check in area and group size to be given to the concierge.

18) Collect wake up call for the group from the tour leader.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. How to choose a appropriate check in area for group arrival?   

Q2. Why it is required to print trace report?

Q3. Importance of Bell desk in group arrival?

Q4. Is it required to mention about group arrival during briefing?

Q5. On what order the Registration cards to be kept and why it in that order?

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