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SOP –Handling Groups in Front Office – Pre Arrival

SOP Number: FO-07 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Front OfficeReception


Time to Train: 60 Mintues


Front office team has to be prepared for receiving a group in the hotel. They should also make sure that the requested rooms are ready at the time of group arrival and also the room blocking as been done as per the rooming list sent by the Travel Agent / Company.

Pre Arrival ( Either one or two days before group arrival):

1) Duty roster must be prepared accordingly and to be approved by the Front office manager. ( appropriate staffing level should be considered according to group movements)

2) Read appropriate Group Folder / Contract.

3) Look all arrivals guest profiles, history and special remarks if any.

4) Make note of all relevant guest requirements and special needs.

5) Ascertain arrival and departure time of Group. 

6) Cross check the arrival & Departure dates are correctly feed into the group reservations and also on to Group payment master room.

7) Check all group reservation for Rate code, Room rate picked up, Meal Packages attached and make sure the instructions are according to the group contract.

8) Print the rooming list sent by the Travel agent / Company and cross check the number of persons occupying a room is correct. If required create sharer reservation according to billing instructions ( For example if  the shares also required a invoice at the time of check out )

9) Cross check the billing instructions on PMS for all group rooms and Group payment master.

10) Create Routing instructions on all group rooms to group payment master ( If the billing instruction is Room + TAX to travel agent ). This will also help to have a smoother check out experience for the group members and also cashiers.

11) Print arrival report for the date of group arrival and check room allocation.

12) Take note on Room allocation, Special needs, Honeymooners, wedding anniversaries, birthdays etc.

13) Look for Extra bed and baby cot requirement and send notification via Traces or email to the house keeping department.

14) Do appropriate room allocation according to the room status and availability on the PMS.

15) Prioritize group early arrivals and room type requirements, Suite rooms, Non-smoking, single lady etc.

16) Always ensure that housekeeping / Room service / Engineering is aware of any special needs for this group. Send a requisition form to this department and also create a Trace on PMS.

17) Group Welcome letter to be prepared, neatly folded and kept in envelope.

18) Call up the group coordinator and reconfirm the arrival time of the group.

19) Communicate all VIP/Suite room allocations with Guest services.

20) Give requisition form to Room service for group welcome drinks and cold towel.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. Why it is important to Prepare for group arrival? 

Q2. Is it important to Cross check billing instruction on group folder with billing details entered on PMS?

Q3. Name any five important points while preparing for a group arrival?

Q4. How to do a duty roster when there is a group movement?

Q5. When should the requisition for Welcome drinks / cold towels to be give to room service?

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