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SOP – Prepare Welcome KIT for Arrivals

SOP Number: FO-14 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Front OfficeCheck In


Time to Train: 45 Minutes


Preparation of welcome KIT for all arrivals is part of guest pre registration activity. This is to Make sure that the welcome KIT has everything that the guest requires while checking in to the hotel. And also to ensure a smooth overall check in experience at the time of guest registration.

1) Welcome KIT should be prepared in advance and be given to every guest on arrival.

2) Ensure that welcome kit folders and trays are available.

3) Ensure that welcome kit folders and trays are clean with not stains or folds.

4) Ensure that each welcome folder has personalized Welcome Letter in it. Taking into consideration nationality and language of the guest.

5) Ensure that the welcome folder contain the local ferry, tour bus timings, local map, places of interest etc. enclosed in it if applicable.

6) Make sure that the key cards are clean and without any stains or marks on it.

7) Pre prints the Registration card and keeps keys ready along with the welcome folder.

8) Encode Key cards according to the occupancy of the reservation. For interconnecting and suite rooms encode two sets of key cards.

9) Meal coupons and vouchers to be kept ready according to the package booked by the guest on the welcome folder. ( Take into consideration guests occupancy, meal plan booked while preparing coupons )

10) Check if the room allocation is done according to the guest reservation requests and guest preferences.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. Why should we prepare the welcome KIT before guest arrival? 

Q2. What all to be considered while preparing meal coupons?                 

Q3. What will you do if you find the key cards are dirty?

Q4. Why it is important to cross check the room allocation of the guest?

Q5. What all items should a Welcome KIT contain?

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