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SOP - How to Process Reservation Cancellations

SOP Number: FO- 16 ( SOP serial number and department code )

Department: Front Office - Reservations


Time to Train: 30 Minutes

Non-Guaranteed Reservations:

1) Obtain Guest name or Reservation number

2) Search for reservation in the PMS

3) Re-confirm the reservation details with the guest, No. of rooms, Arrival and departure date.

4) Ask guest whether he / she would like to make a alternate reservation.

5) Request the reason for Cancellation.

6) Record the reason for cancellation on PMS.

7) Provide the cancellation number to the guest.

If the reservation is a Guaranteed Reservations:

8) It should be according to cancellation timings which is mention in cancellation policy of the hotel.

9) If cancellation is made by someone other than guest then the reservation agent should record the details of the caller eg:-  Name and Mobile number on the reservation record.

10) Always mention Retention charges (if applicable according to your hotel policy) for any confirm reservation.

11) Should have written mail for charging retention on credit card.

12) Always send mail for retention bill and confirmation of cancellation. (Sample Retention letter)

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the first step for any cancellation?          

Q2. What are the types of cancellation reasons?                  

Q3. What is the cancellation policy of the hotel for a guaranteed reservation?     

Q4. Why it is important to have written E-mail for any confirm reservation?

Q5. What are the retention charges for any cancellation?

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