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Tea SOP | SOP Tea | SOP for Tea Making | Tea Service Equipments and consumables

SOP Tea Service

SOP Number: F&B SOP - 59 - Tea SOP

Department: Food and Beverage Service – Tea Service

Date Issued: 15-10-2020

Time to Train: 40 Min

Standard Operating Policy - SOP Tea Service:

Note: Before serving desserts, waiters must always first ask the guests whether they want tea to be served after the meal.

Tea SOP Stage 1: Preparing the Tea for guest.

  • Heat up the milk and put in a milk jug (use cold milk for Ice tea).

  • Prepare sugar bowl, milk jug, teaspoons and tea saucers or Straw, Stirrer, Sugar Syrup on a tray.

  • Brew the tea and pour tea into a full glass of ice in a long glass (For Ice Tea).

  • Place the sugar bowl/milk jug/sugar in the middle of guest table. (From the right side of the guest)

  • Always remember to serve hot tea with cookie only.

  • The cup handle must face towards to right-hand side and teaspoon must place at right sides corner.

  • Announce the item name when serving the guest. “Mr. James, this is your English morning tea.”

  • Leave by saying “Please enjoy your coffee/ tea” and with a friendly smile.

Tea SOP Stage 2: Equipment required for Tea and Coffee Service:

  • Teacup and saucer.

  • Tea strainer and spoon.

  • Teapot, hot water jug,

  • Hot milk jug.

Tea SOP Stage 3: Tea Service Procedure.

  • After the guest is finished with the dessert, the waiter must immediately remove all the plates and/or all the cutleries from the table.

  • The teacup is placed in front of the guess on a small plate.

  • Milk and/or cream and sugar are placed on the middle of the table (one set minimum for four people.)

  • A plate of cookies or slice of cake should be served on the small plate.

  • The tea is served with loose leaves (unless tea bag is requested, except herbal tea).

  • The server should ask the guest if he wants his/her tea with strong or weak taste.

  • Iced tea must be served cold, and hot tea must be served hot.

  • Skimmed milk/ cream is should be available upon request.

  • White sugar and sweetener should be served for teas.

  • Sugar substitute should also be available.

  • All tea cups/ glasses must be clean with no marks, chips or lipstick.

Tea SOP Stage 4: Tea Service Order.

The waiter must serve the coffee according to the following order:

  • Female guests first.

  • Work your way anti-clockwise.

  • Host to be served last.

  • Serve from the right side.

SOP Tea - Making Tea with Electric Kettle

Equipment and consumables required for making Tea with Electric Kettle:

Required consumables for making tea:

  • Any brand tea bag's

  • Potable Water

  • Semi-skimmed milk

Equipment required for making tea:

  • Kettle

  • Mug

  • Teaspoon

Procedure for Making Tea with Kettle

1. Always take care during the tea making process as hot water can cause scalds and burns.

2. Put the required amount of water in an electric kettle and switch on to boil.

3. Place the tea bag into the tea mug.

4. As soon as the water in the kettle has boiled and the kettle has switched off automatically.

5. Pour the required amount (200 ml) of boiled water into the mug.

6. Wait for about 30 seconds.

7. Using the teaspoon, stir the tea with the tea bag still in the cup using an anticlockwise circular motion 20 times.

8. Using the concave part of the teaspoon, squeeze the tea bag firmly against the side of the mug in order to squeeze out the excess water.

9. Remove the tea bag and dispose of in the wet waste bin.

10. Check that the milk is within the use-by-date.

11. Measure out 20ml of semi-skimmed and pour into the mug.

12. Stir with the teaspoon to mix in the milk.

13. The tea is now ready to serve.

Training Summary questions:

Q1. What is the purpose of this SOP?

Q2. What are the stages in tea sop?

Q3. List the equipment and consumables required for making tea in the kettle?

Q4. What are the equipment required for Tea and Coffee Service?

Q5. Explain the tea Service Order?

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